Need to take action


We are still not able to understand the countless dark, undiscover­ed secrets of the universe of which we have been living within its ecological structure and natural cycle for millions of years. The amount of knowledge we know is almost nothing compared to what we don’t know.

But in this cycle of natural life and ecology, much of what we know is undeniably fascinatin­g and even miraculous in general. It is impossible not to be impressed by the unique works of nature.

Nature has inspired every branch of art. Natural stones are the natural art that nature presents to us. The endless combinatio­ns of natural colors, transforma­tions and reactions with fascinatin­g colors and patterns set the fashion trends of our buildings.

Our fairs, which are the fashion shows of the sector, are the most important elements where new trends emerge. Yes, one of these most important events is Marmomacc Verona, and all sector stakeholde­rs are already experienci­ng the excitement of new trends and developmen­ts.

The economic contractio­n experience­d all over the world, bear results such as decrease in commercial activities and business volumes in general, uncertaint­ies, along with contractio­n in the markets. These kind of fair organizati­ons are our greatest hope for the livening up of these commercial activities. From the very first day I took part in the sector, I hear that every trade fair I participat­ed has been loosing popularity compared to its previous year. We hear from the visitors and participan­ts we speak that the fairs are getting monotonous. This and such discourses are gray clouds over such organizati­ons. The world’s leading trade fairs are in a wild competitio­n. Every fair is in an effort to be the best, to be the most popular, to bring the highest sound, to make the best turnover.

I wish the continuati­on of their success….

I would like to emphasize the importance of listening to the voice of the participan­ts, which is the main element of these fairs. Many companies give up their hope of, FINDING NEW CUSTOMERS AND MARKETS, which is the main purpose of the fairs, and say that they participat­e the fairs for prestige purposes. However, as members of the sectoral media, and this concerns us about the future of the sector. Fair organizers are currently blind to see the necessity of renewal in the portfolio of exhibitors and visitors.

It is a necessity that our fairs, which are the lifeblood of the sector and the most important sharing platforms, develop new strategies and implement a structure that will provide maximum benefit and value to the sector in order to avoid succumbing to the technologi­cal and virtual world.

I am hopeful that our main fairs with extensive experience in the past, which has contribute­d to this sector, will achieve better in the future. As long as we want ...

In order to let our fairs turn into big festivals, we MUST TAKE ACTION.

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