“The period of making money by doing what everyone does is over.”


• You go beyond the standards in processed production, and you are undertakin­g studies that will make a difference by allocating great effort and cost with intensive R&D studies. What are the benefits of these difference­s and innovation-driven to your company? Yes, our industry made good money by selling blocks to China. However, 10 years ago, China did not exist. We have no guarantee that it will exist in three years from now. So, we need to engage in sustainabl­e work. This goes through processed products. The period of making money by doing what everyone does is over. This is called “Red Ocean” in business administra­tion science. What we are trying to do as a company is to find “Blue Ocean” s and increase profitabil­ity. For this, you need R&D. 18% of our 2018 budget was allocated to R&D. Our Design Center worked like a small marble factory. In R&D, you gain profit is it is made long-term and continuous­ly. Otherwise, you cannot success much with 1-2 years of work. Unfortunat­ely, R&D work in our sector is only used to search for new quarry sites. However, when today s concerned, popular brand Antolini has only a few quarry . But they’ve been doing this for over 60 years and working over 900 kind of stones. This is the right model for us.

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