“We prefer quality rather than quantity “


• What percentage of your products do you export? Which markets are you active in export? In general, we export all our production. We are not a company working in the domestic market. The most important reason for this is Ionic Stone UK, one of the largest companies in the UK in our sector. Because we have to produce materials for our own company. Other markets are the USA, Canada and Australia. Anglo-Saxon countries. The most important reason for this is that since we are a UK based company, we know the language and culture of such countries. For us, export of qualified products is more important than anything else. In this context, while setting our targets, we are taking steps to increase the export of qualified products. For example, we are the world’s largest producer of hexagonal and similar angled cut tiles. Our goal for 2019 is to increase the export share of these products. The average container price of 3cm travertine tumbled French Pattern, which is a popular export product from Denizli, is around 4-5 thousand USD. However, the average container price of a container hexagonal tile we send can exceed 30,000 USD. Therefore, we want to increase the export of such products.

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