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Kılınç, who stated that they actively operate and extract Beige quarries in Burdur, added that they are planning to operate in a White Marble quarry in Denizli. He also said: “We produce 40,000 tons of marble in the beige quarry in Burdur. With today’s work, we seem to have a reserve of over 50 years. In addition, in the White Marble quarry, which we plan to open, has even more reserve. However, our company does not process only the stones of our own quarry. We have a range of stones prepared according to the markets we address. These stones include various gray colors, white marbles such as Lilac and Marmara, various emperadors, dark colors like Savannah Gray and Black Marble. Since we have a customeror­iented approach, we can process all kinds of stones, as long as the target market demands it continuous­ly. Because customers want to work with companies that can easily supply all kinds of products. Therefore, our stone portfolio is constantly updated.”

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