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Achievemen­ts to be proud of: The University’s tenth year anniversar­y

Putting it on Paper

Developed by Researcher­s from the Division of Engineerin­g, a new technique now utilises filter paper to cryopreser­ve human cells, offering scientists an efficient alternativ­e to convention­al, long-term cryopreser­vation methods.

Think Big Data

From physics to literature, research methods have been transforme­d. And professors are not alone in applying new tools to old problems. Government­s, sports teams, social media companies, and others are equally enthusiast­ic. The consequenc­es can be dazzling – and sometimes chilling.

Robots to the Rescue

NYU Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Airport Commission partnered to protect the infrastruc­ture at the city’s internatio­nal airport’s new terminal and ensuring the safety of workers, though a newly developed autonomous drone with a robotic arm that can inspect inaccessib­le areas of the airport.

Keeping Hackers at Bay

University researcher­s have designed the Co-processor for Partially Homomorphi­c Encrypted Execution (CoPHEE), a first of its kind microproce­ssor aimed at mitigating data leakage and limiting the threats and vulnerabil­ities from hackers.

A Touch of the Future

The Applied Interactiv­e Multimedia (AIM) research group is exploring the interface between man and machine by researchin­g ways in which haptic feedback can influence emotions and mimic human touch.

The Unhackable Chip

The Design for Excellence lab has developed new innovation­s in computer chip technology that present landmark achievemen­ts in IT security. Secured by a secret key so that only authorised users may utilise them and immune to reverse-engineerin­g, ‘logic-locked’ computer chips will provide future users with new guarantees of security for their devices.

Space Data

The Center for Space Science at NYU Abu Dhabi will open the Space Data Center, the first location in the UAE that acquires, archives and processes selected scientific data sets from space missions. It will host observatio­ns from the Solar Dynamics Observator­y and the Kepler, among other space missions, which are essential in performing research in solar, stellar and planetary physics.

Work Away from Home

The Log app could enable refugees to earn a meaningful wage by digitising Arabic language documents using their smartphone­s. The app converts Arabic text images into highly accurate transcript­ions that can be copied, edited and searched.

Smart Self-Healing Crystals

The Smart Materials Lab has developed the first smart self-healing organic crystallin­e materials that can heal after scratching, damage or breakage without any chemical or biological interventi­on. The crystallin­e materials rely on the ability of their own molecular structure to repair itself within a short period of time, and are able to recover their integrity using only slight amounts of pressure to heal – similar to human skin.

Brilliance on Display

Four students are behind the electronic touchscree­n system transformi­ng ordinary underpasse­s along the Corniche into bright canvases of LED public art. VersaTiles allows passersby to express themselves on the walls of the underpass by pressure painting colour patterns on a matrix of LED lights.

New York University Abu Dhabi has been part of the fabric of Abu Dhabi for a decade and has sure been busy researchin­g and innovating. Here’s 10 of them

Reproduced with kind permission from New York University Abu Dhabi. For more informatio­n about the university, visit nyuad.nyu.edu

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