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Depicting fauna, gardens, precious objects and religious symbols, Palestinia­n embroidery traditiona­lly provided a glimpse into everyday life through needlework.

Lebanon-based embroidery studio Kissweh has created a colourful line of pillows inspired by this rich folk art.

“Our products have an emphasis on meticulous craftsmans­hip,” says Claudia Martinez Mansell, who was inspired to found Kissweh in 2017 after working in refugee camps for the UN. “It takes a woman two to three weeks to embroider one pillow and many of them are one of a kind.”

Kissweh’s craftswome­n work at home in Rashadieh refugee camp, south Lebanon, giving them the opportunit­y to earn a fair living. Once complete, the embroidere­d pieces get collected, and taken to Beit Atfal Assomoud’s sewing workshop in Beirut.

“The reception so far has been fantastic and we are selling at a number of high end design stores in the US,” adds Mansell who is based in LA. It’s safe to say that Kissweh is going places.

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