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AN ARTISTIC EXPRESSION of cultural tolerance and exchange, British artist Gerry Judah’s The Scroll is likely to create a few lasting impression­s. Standing 36 metres high, the unfurling sculpture was unveiled in April to celebrate Sharjah’s designatio­n as the 2019 UNESCO World Book Capital.

Made of 72 tonnes of steel and 240 tonnes of concrete foundation­s, the sculpture soars towards the sky in a single spiral. Judah took inspiratio­n from the unifying power of books for the design of the monument. “It was influenced by the early form of the written word, and represents the long-lasting significan­ce of books and reading to cultural heritage,” he explains.

The structure appears to be light, yet is strong enough to withstand the desert winds, thanks to a technique of monocoque constructi­on developed by Judah and a team of engineer at Diales.

Fittingly, The Scroll will sit across from the Foster + Partners-designed House of Wisdom, a modern library and culture centre, set to open next year.

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