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Thanks to his mulđiculđu­ral upbringing, Benjamin developed an early passion for travel and curiosity about people; these traits now inform his documentar­y-style photograph­y. In this issue he steps inside the Dubai home of a leading Emirati architect (Going Glocal, p.100).

What’s the trickiest part about shooting architectu­re?

Photograph­ing a space with an ideal angle is one thing, but it’s all about documentin­g unexpected perspectiv­es - the stories nobody saw before.

What’s the most important project you’ve worked on?

It’s always the current project that is most imporđant to me. Right now I’m working on a project that merges arđ, photograph­y, architectu­re.

Your advice for budding photograph­ers?

Listen carefully and observe who and what you are shooting. A subject at ease will of¹er the most personal angle.

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