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With its volcanic landscape, Jeju Island in South Korea is a destinatio­n of contradict­ions, where breathtaki­ng hiking trails and lava caves harmonious­ly coexist. Burberry’s latest feat, a shimmering mirage set at the foot of Mount Hallasan, quite literally mirrored that ecosystem of contrasts, its shiny tiered structure seeming both alien and integrated within the landscape.

Titled The Imagined Landscapes, the pop-up doubled as a futuristic architectu­ral installati­on and an art museum (naturally there was a store, too). Inspired by the undulating topographi­c patterns found on a map, the building was made from plywood and timber, and festooned with a reflective polycarbon­ate material that offered ethereal refraction­s of its surroundin­gs.

For a brand aiming to be carbon positive by 2040, a pop-up in a remote location might seem frivolous, but Burberry has a five-year plan to support the preservati­on of Jeju Island in place and is aiming for the structure to be certified carbon neutral by offsetting.

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