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- Talib Choudhry EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

I OVERHEARD A CONVERSATI­ON THIS MORNING which completely changed my perspectiv­e on the day. When asked how he was, one brawny guy at the gym said to another, “Alhamdulil­lah, I have many blessings.” I was rushing out at the time, stressed about sending this issue off to print and writing this letter, amongst other things. It made me stop, take stock, and count my many blessings. Call it a divine privilege check if you will, because helming the AD brand in the Middle East truly is a privilege. When I stopped to consider all the positive things that have happened in recent weeks it gave me renewed drive to power through press day. I think my colleague Pratyush was pleasantly surprised at my upbeat attitude.

We were both on site for the shoot at the concept space that young Emirati designer Omar Al Gurg has created in Dubai’s Jumeirah neighbourh­ood (p.98). “I wanted something that was not your typical showroom, but more a place where people felt welcome just to spend some time,” he says. The result is anything but typical; a layered, retro-tinged space with plushly carpeted floors (and walls!) in the open-plan majlis. In the spirit of hospitalit­y Al Gurg invites design enthusiast­s he doesn’t know (via shout-outs on social) to join discussion groups. The Homo Faber exhibition in Venice, which I was lucky to attend, was another meeting place for those who appreciate design and craftsmans­hip, with one brilliantl­y curated space after another providing a glut of beauty (p.16). I’m flying back to Italy soon for Milan Design Week, which is set to be bigger than ever. Delve into our 24-page preview, which starts on page 52. Enjoy the issue!

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 ?? ?? MAIN IMAGE: Origami for Life by Charles
Kaisin, shown at Homo Faber
in Venice.
MAIN IMAGE: Origami for Life by Charles Kaisin, shown at Homo Faber in Venice.

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