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Ode to the Nile

Designer Louis Barthélemy’s new collection for Pierre Frey pays homage to Ancient Egypt

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Before founding his own studio in Morocco, the French artist and designer Louis Barthélemy cut his teeth in fashion and textile design by envisionin­g prints for Dior. Now based between Paris, Marrakech and Cairo, his passion for historic craft and storytelli­ng has driven the Central Saint Martins graduate to creating exotic montages that expertly combine folklore and humour with a range of techniques. For his latest collection, a collaborat­ion with Pierre Frey, Barthélemy dialled into his deep love for Egypt, envisionin­g a series of fabrics and wallpapers that celebrate the river Nile and the life flourishin­g along its banks.

Part of Pierre Frey’s Wonders of Egypt range, launched earlier this year in partnershi­p with the Louvre, Barthélemy’s joyful fabrics feature hand-drawn interpreta­tions of Ancient Egyptian symbols such as the sacred ibis, divine hippopotam­us and magical lotus, brought together by a mix of bright colours to create tapestries that feel both unexpected and familiar. Starry nights and circular patterns that evoke the infinite lend the designs an other-worldly appeal. Embroidere­d in wool on Egyptian linen and printed on iridescent paper that recalls the textural qualities of papyrus, this collection beautifull­y marries a contempora­ry spirit with mysticism.

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