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Why Team Ah­lan! is ob­sessed with fly­wheel.

Fly­wheel is a USA-ex­port work­out, with 45-minute or one-hour ses­sions in a dark stu­dio, with a spot­light on the in­struc­tor

“New year, new me”, how many times have you ut­tered that so far this year?

When it comes to calo­rieburn­ing work­outs, we’ve not found many as ef­fi­cient as in­door cy­cling. And when it comes to in­door cy­cling stu­dios, we’ve not found one that we like as much as Fly­wheel!

Fly­wheel, in a nut­shell, is a USA-ex­port work­out, with 45-minute or one-hour ses­sions. You get a score, based on how fast and hard you’re rid­ing, and the com­pet­i­tive el­e­ment makes it a much more in­ter­est­ing ride. It’s a dark stu­dio, with a spot­light solely on the in­struc­tor, and from time-to-time, the scores flash up on screens, mak­ing it im­pos­si­ble not to try and race the per­son a few points ahead of you.

We will be hon­est, we love a spin ses­sion. But we chal­lenged our­selves to head to Fly­wheel at the Gold and Di­a­mond Park at least four times a week for a month, just to see how it af­fected our fit­ness and hon­estly, the re­sults were bet­ter than we could have imag­ined.

In just four weeks, we went from av­er­ag­ing around 280 points-per-class to over 320 – smash­ing the 300 point mark was a week three high­light – and af­ter class we took great joy in check­ing how many calo­ries we had burned and the dis­tances we rode. An es­ti­mated 22 miles and 948 calo­ries were our per­sonal bests.

You will quickly find the in­struc­tors that you like the most, and Alex Cox and Clif­ford Nun­ley were two of our favourites.

We sat them down to quiz them on the best ways to work-out and stay in shape, the Fly­wheel way…

Ah­lan!: What ad­vice do you have for any­one ner­vous about start­ing Fly­wheel?

Clif­ford: We’re a fam­ily! From the mo­ment you walk in, to set­ting up your bike, to so­cial­is­ing af­ter class. Our team is here to make sure you feel like one of us from your very first class.

Alex: I mean, its 45 min­utes of fun! Awe­some mu­sic, en­thu­si­as­tic in­struc­tors and plus, we do the dance in the dark.

What are the main ben­e­fits of Fly­wheel?

C: Low im­pact car­dio. For those like my­self who have joint pain from tread­mill or out­door run­ning, the sta­tion­ary bike is an out­stand­ing car­dio al­ter­na­tive that has min­i­mum im­pact on the joints.

A: You’ll get fit­ter, stronger and more toned with­out bulk­ing up. Win-win-win!

How should peo­ple in­cor­po­rate cy­cle work­outs into their fit­ness rou­tine?

C: I like to put my car­dio work­outs when my mus­cles af­ter re­cov­er­ing two or three heavy ses­sions in the gym, I let my mus­cles re­cover, and fo­cus on car­dio on the Fly­wheel bike.

Is do­ing Fly­wheel alone enough?

A: Fly­wheel pro­vides the ba­sis of any healthy work-out rou­tine.

If you’re look­ing to lose weight and feel great, reg­u­lar Fly­wheel classes (maybe three or four a week) could be enough to ful­fil your fit­ness needs but I would rec­om­mend adding some other vari­ables to it... but not at the ex­penses of our classes!

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Fly­wheel clients, from start­ing to be­com­ing reg­u­lars?

A: Over the years, I’ve seen any­thing from ex­treme weight loss to peo­ple brand new to cy­cling com­plet­ing their first Iron­man, but of­ten it’s the sim­plest things that mean the most. When some­one is brave enough to go on the board for the first time, when some­one first gets that elu­sive 300 score or sim­ply does bet­ter than they did last time out, that’s what counts.

C: Con­sis­tency. Count­less times I have heard, “I have never en­joyed the gym,” from our mem­bers. A big per­cent­age of our mem­bers are here af­ter mul­ti­ple at­tempts to find ex­er­cise bug by them­selves.

Our Fly Fam and our prod­uct helps take the stress away from ex­er­cise, and helps peo­ple find the joy.

What made you want to be­come a Fly­wheel in­struc­tor?

A: The chance to rub shoul­ders with the best in the busi­ness. I taught spin­ning for a few years in the UK be­fore mov­ing to Dubai, but Fly­wheel takes the whole in­door cy­cling game to the next level. I was told about Fly­wheel soon af­ter mov­ing here and af­ter my first class I knew I had to do it. If you’re go­ing to do some­thing, be the best at it. Fly­wheel gave me that plat­form.

C: For me, it was about my back­ground in theatre and a love for fit­ness – so be­ing a

Fly in­struc­tor lets me live the best of both worlds. I cre­ate my script of eleven songs and per­form it on the Fly stage. I en­joy brin­ing a bit of en­ter­tain­ment and a the­atri­cal per­for­mance to my classes. Any­thing to help my team smile through the sweat!

What does your typ­i­cal day look like?

C: I wake up and teach the early morn­ing class. I then head down the street to the lo­cal gym, then back home for a mid-day meal, and if I’m lucky a nap. I then load back up, and take the train down to teach the night time classes. That’s a hard daily rou­tine to beat, I love my job.

A: Out­side of Fly­wheel I work as a PT, sports coach and re­hab ther­a­pist so when I’m not in the stu­dio you’ll find me in the gym, in the pool or on the ten­nis, bas­ket­ball or vol­ley­ball court.

What is your own fit­ness rou­tine?

C: Well, I’m teach­ing and tak­ing 10+ cy­cling classes a week. I’m a sucker for a great Cross­fit gym, and I en­joy putting on the head­phones and lift­ing three times a week at Ware­house.

A: Reg­u­larly swim­ming and rid­ing gives me a great amount of car­dio and con­di­tion­ing. I train dur­ing au­tumn and win­ter for ad­ven­ture races and I play sports all year round. I head to Barry’s Boot­camp as of­ten as work al­lows and weight train in the gym at least three times a week.

Do clients ask you for eat­ing and gen­eral health tips?

A: I reg­u­larly dis­cuss peo­ple’s train­ing and life­style habits. Food and nu­tri­tion is SO im­por­tant, ex­er­cise will only get you so far... so I wish more clients would ask more ques­tions!

What is a typ­i­cal day in terms of your diet?

A: I have a very early start so prep­ping is key for me. I’d make my­self a pro­tein smoothie the night be­fore and force my­self to eat some­thing first thing. Reg­u­lar snacks, usu­ally pro­tein-based, plenty of greens and com­plex-car­bo­hy­drates. I am ex­er­cis­ing most of the day, so eat­ing what I can when I can is im­por­tant. I have a few go-to restau­rants like Poke Bowl, Gourmet by Kcal and Es­sen­tially prod­ucts to stay healthy when I’m or­der­ing my meals.

C: I stick to what­ever makes me happy. I try to avoid eat­ing heavy things at night, and drink as much water as I can through the day. If I have eaten ‘healthy’ (low carb, low calo­rie) six days out of the week, you best be­lieve you can spot me at brunch on Fri­day!




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