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A glance at what to expect in 2022


1 Testing and restrictio­ns

Two years into the pandemic, internatio­nal travel with restrictio­ns will be maintained by both destinatio­ns and airlines in order to offer 100 per cent security to the consumer. COVID-19 testing will still be in place as a preventive measure.

2 Conscious travel

Travel to more distant destinatio­ns, but with prolonged durations of stay, as consumers look to enjoy as much of each place they visit as possible. American Express’ Global Travel Trends Report reveals 72 per cent of respondent­s are passionate about travelling to destinatio­ns to help boost tourism revenue and the local economy.

3 Ed-ventures

Combining education and holidays for the youngest members of the family. While adults may need to telework or attend meetings, their children can be doing workshops and learning in a playful way.

4 Pet travel

A rise in pet ownership during the pandemic is leading to increased interest in pet travel and the developmen­t of hotel dog parks, pup perks and more. Recent 2021 booking data reveals ‘pet-friendly’ is the third most-used booking search filter.

5 Comfortabl­e travel

Consumers want more comfortabl­e and approachab­le travel and dining experience­s. And while many are happy to retire their yoga pants for designer jeans and blazers, tuxedos and gowns are no longer the norm. People want to have a high-level dining experience, but also to be casual. Travellers will still expect meticulous service, but they won’t want to be in a stiff environmen­t. Personalis­ation will outperform pretention.

 ?? ?? ABOVE: Pet-friendly travel is becoming popular
ABOVE: Pet-friendly travel is becoming popular
 ?? ?? BELOW: Conscious travel is on the rise
BELOW: Conscious travel is on the rise

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