Business Traveller (Middle East)



1. Do one thing that serves mind/body first thing in the morning, that sets you up to win for the day and is the catalyst for you feeling at your best.

2. Have a look at any hotel gyms before you travel so you can adapt workouts if needed.

3. Don’t end your workday without knowing when/where/ what to exercise the next day.

4. Don’t end your workday without knowing when/where you will get your steps in the next day.

5. Don’t end your workday without knowing when/where/ what you will eat (and who with) the next day.

6. Save more calories (at least 50 per cent daily allowance) for your evening meal when you are likely to be eating/drinking more at a restaurant.

7. Forward plan and pick from any menus ahead of schedule when eating out (don’t waste calories on sauces, dips or lots of oil).

8. Speak to hotels in advance to see if they can help you with any dietary requiremen­ts (ask and they will accommodat­e).

9. Have fun socially but never at the expense of how you want to feel emotionall­y or look physically the next day or two after (discipline).

10.Great question if ever stuck with decisions: ‘What would my best future self do/choose/ say in this situation?’

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