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FITNESS – daily and weekly

1. Schedule exercise as early as possible or take gym kit with you to remove friction to do it after work (think shorter sessions beats doing nothing and notice how good you feel!)

2. For your last work task or before bed, schedule for the next day:

■ When/where/what you will eat (and who with)

■ When/where you will walk

■ When/where/what to exercise

What gets scheduled gets done

3. Set a weekly step target that’s more than your previous week (even if only 1,000 more). If you can’t do long walks, schedule shorter ones throughout the day. It will not only improve your fitness, but help with creativity, mood and focus when you return to a business activity.

MENTAL HEALTH – daily and weekly

1. Pick one thing that helps control your state first thing every morning, that helps your decisions and is the catalyst for you feeling at your best. It must serve your mind, body or both first thing so you are focusing on you and not someone else’s agenda.

2. Stay out of emails, WhatsApp, off socials, away from the news, first thing (they are other people’s agendas and can wait, even if 5 to 10 mins).

3. Anticipate days/times you feel stressed, anxious, bored, lonely or crave junk food most. Schedule a habit or activity you love doing at that time. This will help you counteract that negative feeling, and if you usually reach for food or booze, it will help you make smarter choices. 4. If struggling with visual fatigue and overuse of screens: Release tension and set intention between every major activity:

■ Close eyes for one to three minutes

■ Nasal breathing – four seconds in, four seconds out

■ Before opening your eyes, set an intention and feeling you want to bring to your next activity

■ Sleep more

NUTRITION – weekly

1. Eat for energy. Look at the impact your food has and everything you eat as a vote for the energy you wish to live with. 2. Think of your food as currency. Pick a total weekly calorie budget in relation to your goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, make sure it’s a little less than your current weekly calorie consumptio­n. (If you don’t know, log calories via MyFitnessP­al with 100 per cent honesty for one week).

3. Then decide when/where do you want to invest/eat more (which days)?

4. What days do you need to save more? 5. Which foods do you need to eat more of, to improve your energy?

6. Which foods do you need to remove or eat less of to protect your energy? 7. Think alcohol or added sugar/deserts (not both) if eating out. So don’t waste calories on sauces or dips.


1. Have a solid AM routine – practice gratitude and do one thing that serves mind/body first thing.

2. Speak out loud and/or write your why and mission statements every morning. 3. Use questions: Who do I want to be today? How can I make a difference and operate at my best? Why is this important to me?

4. Write the words, today, I am (finish at least one sentence with the person who you are trying to become).

5. Have a solid PM routine - reflect on wins, opportunit­ies to improve, and things you can be grateful for.

6. Protect your environmen­t: surround yourself with people who have the traits and habits that complement the health and energy you love, want and respect.

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