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Anna Skigin, CEO of property management firm, Frank Porter, says now is the best time to consider listing your property for short-term rental


One thing many of us have learned over the past two years is that doing things differentl­y can be a very good thing. While change is hard, changes that lead to new benefits become exciting. As the world begins to open, people are looking forward to new travel opportunit­ies and new adventures. And that means that now is the best time to consider something new: listing your home for short-term rental.

Short-term rentals put the homeowner in charge

Here’s how it works. You list your home for let on booking platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. As part of that listing, you decide availabili­ty. We recommend times when you are away on holiday with your family so you can get paid while you are travelling.

If you like getting paid without doing any work, just have a property management company such as Frank Porter take care of all the details for you. You will get paid and come back to a home that’s perfectly clean and ready to welcome you back.

There are no minimums for booking platforms, so even if you only want to have your home booked for a week or a few weekends a year, you can still enjoy the rewards.

Safe spaces with minimal contact encourage bookings

Since the beginning of the pandemic, short-term rentals have increased in popularity. Having access to a private residence and all its amenities makes guests feel safer. They have control over their environmen­t, and don’t need to worry about sharing hallways and spaces with strangers.

Many also love being able to relax in a private garden or on a balcony and give their children the freedom to stretch their legs without having contact with others.

Dubai also remains a destinatio­n for medical procedures. These medical tourism guests love the safety and comfort that a short-term rental provides and are always grateful for the benefits that Airbnbs and VRBOs offer. For those who need special diets or are not able to dine out in restaurant­s, having access to a private kitchen is ideal. It’s also great for families who don’t want to chase busy children around a restaurant.

And then there are the cleaning protocols. At the beginning of the pandemic, Airbnb adopted an Enhanced Clean Programme. These protocols give hosts very clear guidelines on how to clean their property to provide the maximum protection for themselves and their guests. This programme is another way that short-term rentals give people the confidence to travel without worrying about cleanlines­s and safety.

Remote work employees love short-term rentals

With people continuing to work remotely, short-term rentals have enjoyed a new surge in popularity. After all, if you can work from anywhere, why not choose a new place every few weeks?

Remote employees make great guests. They appreciate the amenities that come with short-term lets while bringing revenue to local areas. When they find a place they love, they tend to rebook for another visit—it’s a great way to expand your income with guests while keeping in mind the dates when you are willing to make your home available.

And finally

But perhaps the best reason that now is the time for short-term rentals is that there is no pressure. You’re always in control of when or if your property is available. It provides homeowners with total flexibilit­y. And if you decide you no longer want to rent out your home, you can simply remove your listing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, short-term rentals have increased in popularity


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