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We’ve all seen clichéd on-screen demos demon­strat­ing the power of one drop of this or that liq­uid so­lu­tion. The re­al­ity, how­ever, is that it only takes one drop of Pril to wash a set of dishes. That’s what we’ve al­ways claimed, un­til our big­gest com­peti­tor started promis­ing the same, only more loudly when backed by big me­dia bucks. In a highly com­modi­tised “value in power” cat­e­gory, the only way to dent our com­peti­tor’s lead was to re­claim “the power of one drop”. After (bor­der­line creep­ily) ob­serv­ing our tar­get in their nat­u­ral shop­ping en­vi­ron­ment – su­per­mar­kets – we un­der­stood what made them tick. We de­cided to go small by bring­ing our claim to life. We cre­ated the Pril one-drop bot­tle, the ex­act Pril de­ter­gent bot­tle re­duced to the size of a thumb­nail. Our big so­lu­tion in a tiny pack­age proved em­pir­i­cally the power of one drop to help us re­tain our claim along with some of our com­peti­tors’ mar­ket share

Truly un­der­stand­ing our tar­get’s be­hav­iour al­lowed us to de­ci­pher the real prob­lem be­hind the prob­lem. This made all the dif­fer­ence. Once we had a clear grasp of the is­sue, our mind set di­rectly shifted from “let’s cre­ate an ad” to “let’s find a so­lu­tion”. And we were go­ing to stop at noth­ing to find it. We went be­yond the brief and be­yond the ex­pected; we ven­tured into new roles, wear­ing the hats of re­tail­ers, pro­duc­ers and shop­pers. This ap­proach served as our path­way to in­no­vat­ing within and dis­rupt­ing a cat­e­gory that hasn’t wit­nessed any dis­rup­tion since my grand­mother got mar­ried. It’s that dis­rup­tion that ul­ti­mately led to the judges pick­ing it. It sim­ply rep­re­sented the per­fect in­ter­sec­tion of cre­ativ­ity meet­ing in­no­va­tion to de­liver re­sults.

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