Caterer Middle East

Rowan Kamel

Chief brand officer and partner, Cloud Restaurant­s



I wake up, check whether I have any WhatsApp messages from family and friends across the globe. Then, I hop on to social media to keep an eye on new trends, see the fantastic material my team has uploaded, or any news worth knowing and maybe being inspired by.


Time to get ready. It's all about presentati­on, right? If it's going to be a long day, you'll see me in jeans. If I'm in a bad mood you'll see me in a dress to brighten up the mood. Then, I quickly wake the kids up, entertain them during breakfast time and either drop them off at school or just watch them happily ride their bikes to school nearby.


On some days, I head to the Urban Swim Academy to attend my class, and no it's not synchronis­ed swimming. It's a whole two-kilometre swim. I'm one level away from being a masters student. If I am not swimming, then I’ll head to work early and respond to any incoming emails before the day begins. My husband and I launched Cloud Restaurant­s back in 2018 and we operate a bunch of delivery-only restaurant­s such as Go! Healthy, Lotsa! Tacos, Go! Greek, Go! Pasta, Lotsa! Pasta and more.


I check yesterday night's sales, customer comments, and meet with key team

members from operations, chefs, content, design, and social media to kick off the day.


I like to set aside two hours to focus on strategic new projects that will benefit the rm, brand, or team. This is my no-meeting time where I get stuff done.


It’s time to eat. I live by the fact that weekends are for dining out and weekdays are for ordering in food delivery whether it’s from our own brands or newcomers to the food delivery market. My nger is always on the pulse of the cloud restaurant and cloud kitchen industry.


Zoom meetings. Topics of discussion could include menu engineerin­g, brand roll-out, kitchen requiremen­ts, product developmen­t, marketing, branding, content strategies, packaging, supplier connection­s, cost and data analysis, interviewi­ng, problem-solving, campaign monitoring and so much more.


I head home and do a full download on my kids' day over dinner.


Shout at the kids to 'Get ready for bed!' around 1,001 times until they nally do.


I either go out with friends or stay in and catch up on work that I haven't been able to complete because of all the Zooms that could have been emails, or emails that could have been texts, and texts that could have been calls.


Sleep and repeat it all the next day.

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 ?? ?? Healthy delivery
Healthy delivery
 ?? ?? Cloud Restaurant­s started in 2018
Cloud Restaurant­s started in 2018

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