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Coralie Dolliet

Meet the bartender der at Dubai’s Galaxy Bar who is “pure pure as sunshine”


A“I am lucky to call this my place of work“

member of staff that consistent­ly goes above e and beyond for her teammates tes and guests, Coralie Dolliet always lways strives for perfection. She is a bartender nder at DIFC’s Galaxy Bar and wants to be a representa­tive for female bartenders everywhere. Her goal is to show that women are just as motivated and hungry as anyone else in the bartending world.

“Coralie is the kind of team member who excels in everything she does,” said Krystian Hordejuk,the group beverage manager at tasha’s Group. “She is a creative guru when it comes to cocktails and presenting them to our guests. She is as pure as sunshine, bringing light to any individual’s day, from a team member to a guest.”

She joined Galaxy Bar in December 2020 and has loved every moment since. She said: “Walking into the bar every day makes me smile, and that is the beauty of this venue. I am lucky to call it my place of work.”

Dolliet describes her role as more than just a job, saying it is more like a character; a personalit­y that allows her to have an artistic air in her work life. “The moment a guest walks into the venue and sits at our bar, I have the power to make them feel like the star of the night. I love that I can make people drinks that suit their mood, feelings or even dreams.”

Dolliet has learned to adapt to many situations. “Every day is different, and I like that. This role challenges me as an individual to grow and learn, but also to teach others throughout the process, which is stimulatin­g.”

When dealing with dif cult customers, Dolliet has a method that works kill them with kindness, persistent­ly. “Nine years ago, I was working in France and a gentleman walked into the bar. He was clearly having a really bad day and screamed at everyone, including me. My goal for the day was to make sure that he left happier than when he walked in. Throughout his visit, I did everything I could, but he continued to complain. I strived throughout my entire shift to ensure his experience was as personal and special as possible. With his grumpy face, he paid the bill, stood up and gave me a smile. My goal had been reached.”

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