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But first… Dessert

Whether local or internatio­nal, these suppliers provide top UAE hotels with milk, our and more.


These days suppliers to the UAE are living life in the fast lane, as the country’s hospitalit­y and F&B industries are making immense recoveries. Suppliers are now rushing to meet the sweet demands of their hospitalit­y clients.

Casinetto, the homegrown business from Italy, came to the UAE with a mission to supply great Italian products to UAE-based brands. FIVE Hotels and Resorts, Atlantis Dubai, and W Hotels and Resorts are some of the brands that use Caputo our in their desserts. Though the product hails all the way from Italy, Casinetto has stepped in as the exclusive supplier of the product in the region. So, anyone who has enjoyed a chocolate fondant, a croissant or a slice of cake at one of these Dubai hotels, was most likely biting into the Italian supplier’s stock.

The list goes on for bene ciaries of the Italian our brand, known as the ‘Mill of Naples’. The brand is three generation­s old and has been nurtured by master Neapolitan millers.

Sagar Patel, head of marketing, e-commerce HORECA at Casinetto, said: “This our, as all the Caputo`s

our, is the result of the selection of the best grains ground slowly in order to preserve the taste and functional­ity of the our. The product is capable of conferring fragrance, taste and colour to the doughs.” In the profession­al range of Caputo, the ‘Frolla’ in a 25 kg bag is exclusivel­y dedicated to the preparatio­n of shortbread, biscuit dough and shortcrust pastry pie.

Patel went on to discuss the importance of showcasing Italy to the UAE. Headded: “Italian cuisine is one of the most prestigiou­s in the world and it strongly relies on the ingredient­s for the delivery of a perfect dish. Outside of the country, it is dif cult for the Italian restaurant to source authentic ingredient­s with consistenc­y, and this is where Caputo and Casinetto come into the equation, as you can try to replicate an Italian recipe with non-Italian ingredient­s, but a dedicated customer will appreciate the difference.”

Looking ahead, Casinetto’s mission to champion Italian products will only continue. Patel revealed: “With the strong and credible quality that Caputo holds worldwide, we are currently looking into hosting micro-events - online and of ine to bring the brand name to life from the behind the kitchen to front-facing so consumers know who is behind the famous Italian baking delicacies in the UAE.”

Although over the last decade the UAE F&B industry relied rather heavily on internatio­nal imports for ingredient­s, local farmers are proudly partnering with hotel brands to supply dairy for dessert among other things.

Rumailah Farms, a Fujairah-based enterprise has already signed a new supplier partnershi­p with multiple Fujairah based hotels including Miramar Al Aqah Resort, Address Hotel & Resorts and Al-Bahar Hotel & Resort. They supply these resorts with milk, yoghurt and ice cream in various avours.

Rumailah Farms already provides the UAE’s east coast with access to high-quality dairy products. Their latest partnershi­ps will elevate the brand and expand their network.

General manager of Rumailah Farms Abdullah Taleb, said: “We realise that creating sustainabl­e and bene cial supply chains empower all of the stakeholde­rs, including suppliers, vendors, and consumers. We are driven to provide as many establishm­ents access to our high grade, premium product. These hotels are reputable establishm­ents that we’ve had the pleasure of expanding our network to. The value of establishi­ng strong bonds with local businesses is important to us.”

Supplier partnershi­ps with hotel brands expand Rumailah Farms’ B2B reach and establish the company as a major player in the market. This increases the region’s capabiliti­es as far as sustainabi­lity and food developmen­t. Moreover, the company also sends products widely across Fujairah at supermarke­ts and coffee shops.

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