Caterer Middle East

Michael Cushman

Head chef, Joe’s Backyard Gastropub



I am usually awake around this time. However, since I come home from work late in the evening, I spend as much time as possible with my son in the morning. He loves making Nespresso coffees for me, so I play and talk to him before heading to Joe’s.


The workday begins in front of the coffee machine. First, I need to have my Americano coffee and also make some for the morning cooks. Afterwards, I re up the kitchen boom box. Depending on my mood, I have a playlist. Today was Air Supply’s greatest hit. Music gives a lively vibe to the kitchen and keeps the team in good spirit throughout the day.


I take a walk through the venue, checking the chillers, labels, product rotation, supplies, and items needed to prepare before opening.


Doors are open for business. Weekends are busy at Joe’s, so during weekdays, we use the time to prepare breakfast for the chefs and service and prepare for the evening service and daily staff meal.


We have a quick brief meeting to prepare for the evening duty, preparatio­ns, details of reservatio­ns, and other events. Depending on the requiremen­ts, I will either stay at JIC or go to Joe’s Backyard DFC to catch up with the team.


The dinner service starts ramping up, especially when there are games on.

Usually, we are in full swing from 6pm to around 9pm. After the game ends, guests still stay around, especially now we have fantastic Dubai winter weather.


I go over product orders for the following delivery date. I also work on some administra­tive duties and other remaining tasks like responding and sending emails. I also attend to some personal and team assignment­s.


That’s when I head home. I usually don’t work from home, but if everyone is sleeping, I will look at menu changes, run costing exercises for the outlets to stay healthy and in line with food costs and go through any remaining emails to clear the inbox for the following day.


Sleep (depending on how many post6pm coffees I had).

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