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Great reasons for using Canadian beef

Animal health, food safety, grading standards and beef quality are all paramount to Canadian beef


Canadian beef is among the best in the world, known for its delicious avour, tenderness and juiciness. Animal health, food safety, grading standards and beef quality make up the foundation­s of the Canadian beef advantage.

Canadian cattle are raised with care and pride, using environmen­tally sustainabl­e practices and all Canadian beef sold to the Middle East adheres to Halal certi cation requiremen­ts.


Canada is one of the largest grain producers in the world. Feeding barley, corn and wheat during the nal months of production contribute­s to wellmarble­d, rm-textured beef with ne white-coloured fat.

It also contribute­s to the distinctiv­e taste, texture and aroma of Canadian beef. Canadian feeding practices enable more than 85 percent of beef cattle to reach optimum market weights between 16 to 24 months.


Canada is recognised as a world leader in beef cattle production. Canadian producers utilise a selection of Bos taurus breeds of cattle, perfectly suited to thrive in cooler climates. Bos taurus breeds, such as Angus, consistent­ly produce well-marbled, high yield and avourful beef in high demand at the world’s table.


Canada is a global leader in beef grading, in order to satisfy consumer demand for consistenc­y and predictabi­lity in the beef they purchase.

Canadian high-quality grades are selected for youthful maturity, marbling, meat colour, texture, fat colour and fat cover standards. Canada’s top 3 grades represent 97 percent of production. Canada AA, AAA and Canada Prime use the same marbling thresholds as the US for Select, Choice and Prime.


Canada maintains a strong commitment to the control and eliminatio­n of serious animal diseases through the National Animal Health Program.

The program requires ongoing surveillan­ce and is supported by the Canadian Cattle Identi cation System.

All cattle must be identi ed with an approved ear tag allowing their movements to be traced all the way back to their farm of origin.


Canada’s food safety system for beef slaughter and fabricatio­n is based on the internatio­nally recognised HACCP model. The focus of HACCP is the prevention of foodborne illness, which continues to be the most important priority of the Canadian beef industry.


Canada has plentiful sources of fresh water and a vast land mass, with wide-open grazing ranges and natural grasslands.

Healthy and well cared-for animals are the basis for excellent quality beef, using fewer resources with a lower impact on the environmen­t.

Local laws protect soil and water quality and support environmen­tal sustainabl­e production practices.

Canadian beef can be purchased from local beef suppliers and foodservic­e distributo­rs operating in the Middle East region. Ask yours for more details.

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