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- JOLA CHUDY Editor in Chief

What are some of the ways that you get a sense of the weather? I don’t mean the actual weather – we live in the UAE after all, so it’s usually, especially now, just one level or another of ‘hot’. I mean the climate, the mood, the overall sentiment. Amongst business owners, it pays to have one’s antennae well attuned. One of the ways to achieve this is, of course, by listening. We learn so much when we stop talking and listen to others.

To listen actively is one of the privileges of my work. I get to hear firsthand the insights of leading men and women in business and they invariably broaden my horizons.

A perfect example is our cover star, the inimitable Peter Harrison, the force behind Richard Mille in this part of the world, who shares abundant insights with CEO Middle East about what it take to steer a prestigiou­s brand through a crisis.

“Business leaders need to be decisive, confident yet empathetic. They need to be committed to doing what is required to support their teams and the business simultaneo­usly. In the past year, I’ve seen a lot of marketing teams collapse, but also have seen others thrive. Understand­ing your client is the biggest factor,” he tells me, as he reveals the brand’s ambitious strategy for 2021 and beyond as it partners with UAE Team Emirates on the top of their triumph at the Tour de France.

It seems that having spent much of the past year circling wagons, streamlini­ng, adapting and digging deeper than ever before to really evaluate what is crucial to a business and what is not, an appetite for achievemen­t, progress and forward motion is once again infusing many of the men and women we speak with.

C-suite recruitmen­t specialist­s Egon Zehnder write that behind every crisis – especially a double-pronged one, lies an opportunit­y for leaders to prove their true potential.

“Fuelled by adrenaline at the start of the crisis, many leaders were able to exceed expectatio­ns. Sadly, they failed to sustain this high level of performanc­e over time. This mirrors a typical reaction. When faced with a crisis, individual­s normally move through four stages: from “shock” to “response”, moving on to “resolve”, namely adopting new solutions, and finally “transform”, when individual­s change and accept the new normal,” write

Golnaz Bahmanyar, Patrick Nader, and Hana Habayeb. Their leadership assessment­s may be just the thing you need to help identify the individual­s who will take your business to the next level now that we know we will be living with the effects of Covid-19 for a while to come. After all, as a leader, your responsibi­lity is to enable and empower your cohort carry out its function and objectives to the best of its ability.

Whether that is reinforcin­g the trust that underpins your digital technology – Thales CEO Patrice Caine has some incredible insights on this issue – or looking at the latest way to ensure your own optimal performanc­e thanks to the latest in cutting-edge executive wellness, there are myriad ways to ensure that you’re one step ahead. There’s such a wealth of intelligen­ce within these pages that I feel genuinely privileged and proud to share it with you ahead of the summer months... which I sense aren’t going to be as traditiona­lly ‘quiet’ as we have usually experience­d. Call it a sense of the climate to come...

Jola Chudy Editor-in-Chief

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 ??  ?? Teamwork. It’s tempting to draw an analogy between leading a business and steering a boat. We won’t labour the point.
Teamwork. It’s tempting to draw an analogy between leading a business and steering a boat. We won’t labour the point.

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