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Passion is the single-most important trait that our cover star, Talal Al Ajmi, looks for in potential new hires. The CEO of VI Markets is a vocal spokespers­on, brave disruptor and visionary leader in the online trading space, and he understand­s how critical it is to ensure your business is fuelled with the right kind of fire.

“A passionate employee will do the job differentl­y and creatively, which in turn produces a different outcome,” he tells CEO Middle East in an exclusive interview this month, where he talks about what drives him to succeed. Al Ajmi aims to cut through the noise to provide viewers with nuanced, relevant advice on online trading.

Every week, the founder and CEO of VI Markets shares his opinions on the hottest stocks and commoditie­s with a 62,000-strong following on Instagram, speaking directly to both his platform’s own users and anyone interested in learning more about online trading.

“The main reason I adopted this strategy is the lack of awareness in our society in regards to trading online in internatio­nal markets,” he says. His personal passion and conviction underpins an approach to marketing that is part business promotion and part giving back – and as any savvy businesspe­rson knows, offering something useful to potential clients is one of the most powerful ways to turn that potential into tangible sales and results.

Passion, at every stage, underpins excellence; without it, effort, engagement and quality take a notable dive. It’s what drove Mohammed Ibrahim Abunayyan, the CEO of listed Saudi company Shaker, to drive an ambitious transforma­tion within his organisati­on.

“Few companies have delivered a sustainabl­e, at-scale business transforma­tion, one that involves an intense, company-wide program with the aim of long-term organisati­onal health and performanc­e enhancemen­t. The transforma­tion required immense effort and energy from all who have been involved,” he writes in an exclusive piece for CEO, where he shares his sustainabl­e leadership vision.

Sustainabi­lity of a different kind is at the heart of Mike Horn’s personal crusade. The renowned explorer tells me how he has made it his life’s mission to draw attention to the precarious state of the planet. Thanks to him, leading watch brand Panerai, of which he is an ambassador, has released a stunning new watch that is almost entirely composed of recycled materials. Horn says that to achieve success, you have to inject passion into what you do. “Success to me is about that feeling, to be actually happy and excited about doing what I do,” he says, having endured some of the most physically and mentally demanding challenges on earth.

“It’s about the parameters that you set yourself. It’s not about motivation. Motivation is something invented by the same people who always say you should think positive. I’m discipline­d, and discipline is something we can all apply in our lives,” says the world’s greatest living explorer.

What do you think? How do you keep your team engaged and on track? Drop us a line – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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 ?? ?? Making it to the top. Discipline is one of explorer Mike Horn’s key traits for getting results. What are yours?
Making it to the top. Discipline is one of explorer Mike Horn’s key traits for getting results. What are yours?

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