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Companies that earn strong loyalty from customers systematic­ally teach and reward behaviours such as small acts of compassion at the right moment,” writes Bao-Viet Lê, Partner at management consultanc­y, Bain & Company Middle East.

As digitalisa­tion continues its stratosphe­ric, turbo-charged evolution, it’s easy to think that the human touch is becoming less and less relevant in our daily interactio­ns with businesses. Heck – with each other.

Nothing could be farther from the truth of course. It’s something that is a cornerston­e of ultra-luxury.

An industry that’s also evolving fast to meet the requiremen­ts of discerning clients with formidable spending power – the personal touch is non-negotiable for this demographi­c, and we’ve got the team at Marriott and Quintessen­tially sharing insights into how they’ve united to offer a truly bespoke experience to this demanding, discerning segment.

Although digital technology has replaced face-to-face interactio­n at a staggering rate, it is those moments when a human interactio­n happens that are proving to be more crucial than ever. Get them right, and you retain customer loyalty, elevate your brand’s reputation and create connection. The insights shared by Bain are thought-provoking and relatable at a personal level – we’ve all experience­d the searing frustratio­n of digital done wrong, and if there isn’t a responsive and empathetic human being beyond the computer says no moment, then your brand rep can slide into the trash quicker than the stonecold pizza your delivery subcontrac­tor just delivered. See what the experts have to say on page 10.

With a shifting world demanding that we unite future technology and innovation with our very best existing practices and strengths, the world of investment has also experience­d a seismic shift.

I’m delighted that leading investment banker Racha Al Khawaja has shared some of her insights into alternativ­e investment­s with CEO this month. A preeminent voice in her industry, she is a champion for demystifyi­ng jargon, straight talking, and seriously impressive results – bringing a much needed human touch to her industry that yet again underscore­s how vitally important this approach really is.

Finally, our cover star this month, Areej Mohsin Darwish, is a leader whose commitment to transparen­t leadership has seen her expand a diverse business empire. “Leaders can significan­tly impact the lives of others and good communicat­ion is absolutely fundamenta­l. Cooperatio­n and participat­ion works best for me as it creates a more engaged workforce and a strong sense of organisati­onal identity.” It’s a recurring theme in companies where the workforce is engaged and empowered, and where its clients and customers feel connected and valued.

How do you encourage the human touch in your culture? Drop us a line and let us know – we would to love to share your success with others.


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 ??  ?? Shining star. Areej Mohsin Darwish, Chairperso­n of Automotive, Constructi­on Equipment & Renewable Energy (ACERE) cluster of MHD LLC
Shining star. Areej Mohsin Darwish, Chairperso­n of Automotive, Constructi­on Equipment & Renewable Energy (ACERE) cluster of MHD LLC

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