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at today’s four hearts. West leads a trump.

See the problem? You have enough potential winners, but if you let the jack of spades ride, losing to East, a diamond shift through your king may beat you. You must set up the spades without letting East get in.

Win the first trump in your hand and lead a club. If West plays low, take the ace and return the nine. Then, if East plays low, discard the ten of spades, a loser-on-loser. If West wins and leads a second trump, you win, take the ace of spades and lead the queen for a ruffing finesse, pitching a diamond if East plays low. The nine of spades will win your 10th trick.

The numbers in

the black cells are clues. Numbers above the slash are across clues, numbers below the slash are down clues. The goal is to enter digits 1-9 in the white cells to add up to the number clues. You cannot enter any digit more than once when adding up a clue.

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