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of four letters or more can you make from the letters shown here? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must include the centre letter, and there must be at least one nine letter word in the list. no foreign words; no words with the initial capital; no hyphenated words. Every word’s root is in chambers dictionary 1991. Solution tomorrow.

Today’s target

MGood 16 WORDS Very Good 24 WORDS Excellent 31 (or more) WORDS Yesterday’s solution adorn aeon anode around avenue darn dean denar done drone dune earn earned endear ENDEAVOUR endue endure enure enured even nard nave near neared need nerd nerve nerved neve never node nova nude nurd oven radon rand ranee raven redone rend roan rondeau rone round rune under undo unread vane vaned vena vend vender vendor venue

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