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‘I get inspired by random rushes and moments’

Popular singersong­writer and content creator Conor Maynard talks music ahead of his Eid gig in Dubai on May 8

- Husain Rizvi husain@khaleejtim­

When English singersong­writer and content creator Conor Maynard was doing Broadway in New York, he learned many vocal warm-ups and techniques to maximise his on-stage performanc­e. “I get in the mood as much as I can,” he says in a Zoom conversati­on with City Times. “And jump up and down on the spot to get the blood flowing before I hit the stage.” The same practice has become Conor’s mantra before he takes to the stage as a musician.

Conor has joined the dazzling lineup of performanc­es in the UAE for Eid Al Fitr celebratio­ns. For what will be his first live performanc­e since 2019, and a performanc­e in Dubai after a very long time, Conor is “super excited” and is looking forward to getting back on stage. What can the crowd in the UAE expect? “I am going to sing a bunch of new stuff, as well as the older hits and make sure that everyone that comes hears exactly what they want to hear,” Conor said.

As the country slowly returns to its pre-pandemic state, with full-fledged concerts returning, Conor is looking forward to getting out there and giving all the visitors the best show he possibly can. “I am going to have to get a few rehearsals, because I’m worried I am going to be a little bit rusty,” he says, “It has been so long, but you know, I will make sure that I am ready.”

It is no secret that the pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill; the entertainm­ent industry was largely affected as many shows, films, and music production­s were put on hold. Conor, however, felt “fortunate” in a way as he had a home studio to get back to and make content, albeit being locked away in his house. And while there are some areas of his career that were affected such as touring and shows, he feels that it allowed him to “really focus” on making new music an which, for him, was a plus.

Teaming up with Zack K

For his performanc­e o Conor will also be sharing Cola Arena stage with Za one of the UK’S famous S singer-songwriter­s. The tw have never met. “We migh other,” Conor says jokingly er, however, is excited to share the stage with Zack. like a super nice guy,” h could be the beginning of ing friendship.”

This will not be the first t will be sharing the stage w one he does not know. He enced both instances; whe not know anybody from t and also the exact opposi have gone well either way think it is necessary or es know who you are perform he says. “But, it (knowing t creates a nicer atmosphere

For Conor, who came int light when he won the MT New for 2012 award, insp ideas come randomly. “I t get inspired by random rus ments. It is like a snowba get small ideas and I wai and then it will just get bigger until it’s finished a said Conor, adding that he around looking for inspira er it happens randomly be from anything. “I get the weirdest places. I wish more of a formula to it, be I’d be able to do it more oft

Re-imagining Whitney

One of Conor’s latest p re-imagined work of Whit ton’s iconic single I Wa With Somebody. “I have al that song and any version I’ve heard,” he says, addin also had this idea of lendin of the chorus to a sad song. is very upbeat and happy bly, if twisted or restructu right way, could also work

sad, downtime tempo ballad.”

And, it all worked out for Conor, who was also going through a breakup at the time. “So it fit the kind of feeling I was going through and it allowed me to write the lyrics that I wanted to write,” he said. “I think it’s so much easier to write about something when it’s real and happening to you. At that moment, I think that if you’re going through those real emotions, it is much easier to put together a song.”

As a long-time content creator, Conor continues to maintain his social media presence by bringing out viral content on Youtube and Tiktok on which he boasts 12.7 million subscriber­s and 6.4 million followers respective­ly.

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