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Pakistan-born Anam Hussain is challengin­g perception­s of her homeland with a new bi-annual travel journal

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“If it’s not on our shelves, it doesn’t exist,” Anam Hussain was advised as she perused row upon row of titles at a large, well-stocked bookshop in the UK. She was in search of publicatio­ns on Pakistan to support research for her travel memoir; she couldn’t locate a single one.

It’s this absence – and the absence of a platform sharing the diverse and varied stories of Pakistan - that inspired Hussain to create Capra Falconeri Traveller Pakistan. A bi-annual travel journal, it aims to challenge outdated perception­s of Pakistan and lace them with fresh, thought-provoking new viewpoints. “When people think of Pakistan, they think of danger and political instabilit­y,” she explains. “Yet, the magazine offers a refreshing representa­tion of authentic Pakistani narratives with a touch of modernity.”

Named after Pakistan’s national animal, the markhor, which was brought back from the brink of extinction due to a community conservati­on effort, Capra Falconeri Traveller Pakistan’s inaugural Modernity issue takes readers scuba diving in azure coastal waters near Karachi, glamping in the Katpana desert, and to an architectu­ral gem immersed in the mountains on the edge of Attabad

Lake. “[It’s] more than a magazine; it's a movement,” Hussain reflects. “It is an invitation to be informed, educated, inspired, and to rediscover Pakistan.”

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