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Through his accessorie­s brand Kakinbow, named for the village

where he was raised in neighbouri­ng Guinea, Ndaw exports a touch of West Africa to the world. His Tukkikat bags – touki kat means ‘traveller’ in Wolof – are made with local mudcloth and his

ponchos pull in the earthy colours of the region. The world is starting to appreciate Senegalese style, he argues: “Even during the pandemic, more foreigners were heading here to see what’s

happening in Dakar fashion, and we are starting to get noticed.”

“There’s so much inspiratio­n here and the Senegalese are natural entreprene­urs, even if resources are sometimes limited and we have to get creative. Everything is colourful and loud, and people

will even dress up their horses.”

“The sound of the mosque in the morning is the sound that defines Dakar for me. When I travel and come home and hear the call to

prayer, it’s confirmati­on that I am back in Dakar.”

“For dinner, I head to Club de l’Union or Le Lagon 1. They face Gorée Island, and are filled with a mix of people from all over – Senegalese, Lebanese, French and American – which is pretty

typical in Dakar.”

“The best way to shop for me is to hop on my moto and cruise around the markets and Médina. I hunt for fabrics at HLM market, then

bring them to the tailor’s. I do the same for the bags that I design.”

“The most exciting moment was when we won the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament recently. The energy was crazy. We are also looking forward to the arrival of the Youth Olympics, and the NBA training academy is really moving basketball forward here.

Things are happening.” @kakinbow

Clockwise from top right: Aboubakari­m Ndaw; Noflaye Beach restaurant

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