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Born in Paris and raised in the Ivory Coast, Diouf built

her career as an executive at brands such as Marc Jacobs in France. She grew up visiting her parents’

native Senegal, and in 2016 moved to Dakar permanentl­y. The city inspired her to launch Tongoro, using the skilled local artisans to make brightly printed dresses that have been worn by stars such as Beyoncé

and Alicia Keys.

“When I first came, I realised how good the tailors here are. Friends in Paris would take pictures of clothes, and

ask me to bring back pieces from places such as Sandaga Market, where I can still spend hours bargaining

over traditiona­l wax fabrics, silks and chiffons. I recognised a business opportunit­y, and moving here was

the best decision of my life.”

“It feels like Africa is having its fashion moment. You

now see women from Delaware to Oslo wearing the boubou, the West African version of the kaftan dress. In Senegal, we’re celebratin­g this unique style that’s quite regal, but also an artisanal culture where so much is

bespoke, whether jewellery or gowns.”

“For dinner, I love the restaurant at Seku Bi, a boutique hotel in an old colonial house in downtown Dakar. The

views of the ocean from the dining room are phenomenal. Though when I have friends in town we will

head to La Pointe des Almadies. It’s no frills but serves amazing grilled seafood, and they often have drummers

and singers. I always get the local thiof fish with fries. Later, I’ll head to Les Mamelles – a lighthouse on top of a hill, where you can dance all night at the bar, feeling

like you’re dancing over the whole city.” @dioufsarah

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