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Through Spirited Pursuit, a lifestyle blog and Instagram account she describes as “a visual daydream”, Litumbe depicts a crisply glamorous side of West African life. In

March, she launched her own brand, Eluwa, selling handcrafte­d homeware. Born in Cameroon but partly

raised in the USA, she moved to Dakar in 2016.

“I would travel to other places but Dakar always pulled me back: the chaos, ingenuity, the horses on the streets, the fact that women dress like the brightest flowers. The city made me feel creative and reconnecte­d to Africa. I

like the version of myself that I am here.”

“I love Ngor Island, reached by a boat from Ngor Beach, where you’ll often see locals washing their animals in the

water. You leave what feels like a hectic place to cross clear waters to this island with no cars. At its highest point

you will see surfers below – where the film The Endless Summer was shot. There is a painter named Abdoulaye Diallo who has a beautiful red home on the island, which

he sometimes opens up as a guesthouse.”

“Gorée and the slave trade is part of our history, but it goes back further than that. Two or three hours out

of the city is a town called Djilor, where the Musée Mahicao is dedicated to pre-slavery times. It is where

I first saw a map of Africa that plotted ethnic groups without any of the borders drawn by colonial powers. With its artefacts from a personal collector, it really

resonates with me and my family.”

“I feel most alive in this city at a market. At Soumbédiou­ne, everything is a one-off – mustard yellow,

black and indigo fabrics from Mali, baskets and fans from central Africa. My favourite is a vendor who sells all types of masks, with labels showing the origins and

context of every piece.” @spiritedpu­rsuit


Clockwise from top left: Lee Litumbe at the market; Ngor Island; colourful gate on Ngor; baskets at Soumbédiou­ne Market

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