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Chief Executive Officer of Sh arj ah Sustainabl­e City, You s if Ahmed Al-Mu t aw a speaks with Dish a Dad lani about key developmen­t sin Phase 1 of the mixed-use project, which will see overall completion by 2024


Sharjah Sustainabl­e City, which is set to become the jewel in the crown of the emirate’s sustainabl­e landscape, is making noteworthy progress,

Constructi­on Week learnt during a recent site visit.

The $544.5m (AED2bn) destinatio­n, which is being developed by Diamond Developers and under the umbrella of Sharjah Investment and Developmen­t Authority (Shurooq), has marked “35% constructi­on completion on Phase 1 of the project,” Sharjah Sustainabl­e City’s chief executive officer, Yousif Ahmed Al-Mutawa shared during the visit.

“In addition, the site has recorded approximat­ely 880,000 safe man hours till date, as shared by our project contractor.”

Key developmen­ts in Phase 1

Constructi­on on the first set of residentia­l villas at the destinatio­n has marked completion, with landscapin­g slated for completion by the end of 2020. Constructi­on on these residentia­l villas is integral to Phase 1 of the project; out of the 1,120 residentia­l units due to be built, Phase 1 will include the constructi­on of 280 villas. The villas will feature three, four, and five bedrooms, once complete.

Solar-powered destinatio­n

The entire site will be powered by clean energy supplied by Dubaibased solar energy contractor City Solar, in alignment with Sharjah Sustainabl­e City’s net-zero energy objective. This includes a rooftop solar PV system for renewable energy production. The rooftop solar PV system boasts a capacity of 10kWp; 45kWh daily production; 16,000kWh annual production; and results in 6.7tCO2eq (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) annual avoided emissions.

Residentia­l villas at the site

Sharjah Sustainabl­e City is working in conjunctio­n with several suppliers to accelerate work on the residentia­l units. These are a mix of local and internatio­nal companies.

The residentia­l units are equipped with efficient window system and aluminium sections, as part of its thermal energy strategy, serviced by Saint Gobain and Alumil. The window system and aluminium section are proven 24%

more resistant to heat compared to the standard, reducing cooling loads and electricit­y consumptio­n.

In addition, the villas have been built using thermally-insulated precast wall panels manufactur­ed by Beaver Gulf. The constructi­on method reduces waste by up to 12%; thermally-insulated walls are 54% more resistant to heat compared to the standard.

RAKNOR has worked on pavers outside the villas, to reduce thermal discomfort during summer months, and to allow rainwater to seep through the surface during winter.

Boasting an efficient and sustainabl­e HVAC system, villas at the Sharjah Sustainabl­e City are fitted with variable refrigeran­t flow air- conditioni­ng, which is flexible and modular in design, and ensures higher energy efficiency ratio and lower energy consumptio­n.

These villas are equipped with indoor LED lighting by Italy-based La Luce. All villas bear a total load provision for lighting at a range of 530W – 1040W. In addition, smart home automation in the villas are based on motion and occupancy sensors or presence detectors.

Displaying water efficiency, the villas are equipped with watersavin­g fixtures and devices by bathroom and kitchen fittings specialist, Germany-based Kludi.

RAK Ceramics is working on ensuring durable indoor flooring and tiling for all villas within the site. To ensure sustainabi­lity in the process, 100% of wastewater is recycled and 80% of rejected inprocess materials and waste sludge are recycled and reused.

Response to COVID-19

Early this year, Sharjah Sustainabl­e City implemente­d and adhered to social distancing guidelines on site, to curb the spread of COVID-19, while ensuring that work progresses onschedule.

As part of Sharjah Sustainabl­e City’s efforts, constructi­on workers on- site were provided with necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), in addition to existing safety gear.

“We are mindful of the challenges posed by COVID-19. We are adhering to the guidelines put forward by UAE’s leaders and federal authoritie­s, as well as Sharjah’s government authoritie­s. Our primary goal is the health and well-being of our constructi­on workers, engineerin­g, and sales and administra­tion members,” AlMutawa said at the time.

Current project status

Once complete, the $54m (AED2bn) mixed-use project will feature 1,120 energy- efficient homes, a sustainabl­e school, community mall, a green central belt that features indoor farms, health clubs, swimming pools, jogging cycling tracks, a utility park and a green mosque.

The project is strategica­lly located in Sharjah’s Al Rahmaniya community.

Speaking to Constructi­on

Week, Al-Mutawa said: “Sharjah Sustainabl­e City is on-track; overall completion will be achieved by 2024, with the timeline being pushed only by two months due to the pandemic.”

Supporting electric mobility

Apart from sustainabi­lity, Sharjah Sustainabl­e City also has its eyes fixated on tech solutions, with a goal to build a ‘smart’ destinatio­n. This will be put in place through the adoption and use of electric vehicles at the site.

A sustainabi­lity-first approach

Through its efforts, Sharjah Sustainabl­e City is furthering three pillars of sustainabi­lity. These include social sustainabi­lity elements such as amenities and community outreach programs; environmen­tal sustainabi­lity, through passive and active design strategies; and economic sustainabi­lity, through operationa­l efficienci­es and consistent savings, up to 50% on electricit­y and water bills.

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 ?? [Image: Ajith Narendra | ITP] ?? Constructi­on on the   rst set of residentia­l villas is complete
[Image: Ajith Narendra | ITP] Constructi­on on the rst set of residentia­l villas is complete
 ?? [Image: Ajith Narendra | ITP] ?? Yousif Ahmed Al-Mutawa, CEO of Sharjah Sustainabl­e City
[Image: Ajith Narendra | ITP] Yousif Ahmed Al-Mutawa, CEO of Sharjah Sustainabl­e City

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