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“We both worked on a po­lit­i­cal cam­paign a few years ago, and now I’m not sure ei­ther of us would take a job where the other per­son wasn’t in­volved. She’s the best thing that’s hap­pened to my ca­reer!”

–REMY, 27

“My work wife and I were friendly on the job, and she ap­proached me about form­ing a com­pany to­gether. That’s when we clicked. We’d spend week­ends holed up in her apart­ment work­ing on it.”

–ALI, 27

“I started work­ing with her on a project. We brain­stormed, re­cip­ro­cated quick favours, and sent work back and forth for feed­back. Now, when one of us is out for more than a day or two, we feel it!”

–LIA, 36

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