The lat­est style savers that started in the com­plex­ion aisle. Hyaluronic Acid

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The bal­ance of good and bad bac­te­ria (aka the mi­cro­biome) on your skin is key to a clear com­plex­ion. Well, your scalp has a mi­cro­biome too. And when it’s out of whack? Ex­pect itch­ing, flak­ing, and ir­ri­ta­tion. En­ter this scalp serum. Un­like many an­ti­fun­gal treat­ments, which seek to kill the bad stuff (but un­for­tu­nately also zap the good), this feeds ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria with niacin so they can thrive, mul­ti­ply, and con­trol mis­be­hav­ing bugs. Liv­ing Proof Re­store Dry Scalp Treat­ment, ap­prox Dhs117, Sephora

Mi­cel­lar Wa­ter

Just like the pop­u­lar liq­uids that clean your face, sham­poos are now be­ing made with mi­celles, small cleans­ing mol­e­cules that lift dirt and oil – some­times more gen­tly than tra­di­tional for­mu­las. Re­sult: clean, healthy hair that’s never stripped or de­hy­drated. Herbal Essences Blue Gin­ger & Mi­cel­lar Wa­ter Sham­poo, ap­prox Dhs22, drug­stores

Vi­ta­min C

Free rad­i­cals lead to wrin­kles and dark spots on your face, but when it comes to hair, “ox­i­da­tion from the sun or pol­lu­tion weak­ens fibers,” says cos­metic chemist Gin­ger King, al­low­ing pig­ments to seep out more eas­ily when you wash. An­tiox­i­dants, like the Vi­ta­min C in this booster (use it alone or mix a few drops into your styling cream), neu­tralise dam­age to help keep your dye job on lock. Oribe Power Drops Color Preser­va­tion Booster 2% Vi­ta­min C Com­plex, ap­prox Dhs213, ama­

De­hy­dra­tion is the root of all hair evil: dull­ness, not-so-bouncy curls, break­age. So it makes sense that this su­per hy­dra­tor (it holds 1,000 times its weight in wa­ter) has made its way to the hair­line. Ap­ply this mask right after wash­ing to quench thirsty tresses. OGX Re­plen­ish­ing + Wa­ter Balm Leave-In Mask, Dhs33,

Sal­i­cylic Acid

You prob­a­bly know all about its pim­ple-fight­ing pow­ers, but did you know the in­gre­di­ent is a scalp fixer too? It in­creases cell turnover, rid­ding you of build-up, says King. This an­ti­dan­druff sham­poo from Bi­o­lage con­tains al­most 3 per­cent of the po­tent stuff, the high­est amount you’ll find over the counter. Bi­o­lage R.A.W. Sal­i­cylic Acid An­ti­dan­druff Sham­poo, ap­prox Dhs92, Ulta


It’s trendy (and ef­fec­tive) in face wash, but the ac­ti­vated kind, heated to be­come more por­ous, is ideal for drysham­poo devo­tees who ben­e­fit from its dirt- and oil-ab­sorb­ing pow­ers too. Spend a few ex­tra sec­onds lath­er­ing your roots to max out its magic. Pan­tene Pro-V Char­coal Pu­ri­fy­ing Root Wash, ap­prox Dhs44, ama­


In the same way face mists are a 3pm pick-me-up for your skin, a spritz of su­perfine scalp spray is like hit­ting re­fresh. Spray this one all over to soothe dry­ness or itch­ing in­stantly, thanks to mois­tur­is­ing glyc­er­ine and cool­ing men­thol and pep­per­mint oil. Head & Shoul­ders In­stant Soothe Scalp Elixir, ap­prox Dhs33, drug­stores

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