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Netflix‘s first Arabic Original, Jinn, has offended several government officials in Jordan, where the supernatur­al series is set. They condemned the teen drama for its “lewd scenes” with calls for censorship and removal of the series from Netflix Jordan.

The much-anticipate­d series started streaming on Netflix on June 13. According to the AP, several government officials condemned the series and “vowed to censor it for alleged ‘ lewd scenes’ that purportedl­y violate public morals.” The Jordanian cyber-crimes unit is in the process of getting the show removed from Netflix, although no concrete action has been taken yet.

Netflix responded to the controvers­y via its Middle East and North Africa Twitter account. The company hit back at criticism of Jinn as a “wave of bullying,” adding, “Our position has always been centered on the values of diversity and inclusiven­ess” (translated from Arabic).

The Royal Film Commission (RFC) also issued a statement via its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“It is important to clarify once again the role of the RFC. According to the law, by which the RFC was establishe­d, its role consists in encouragin­g local production­s, attracting foreign production­s and facilitati­ng production in general. There is no censorship prerogativ­e amongst RFC’s tasks and duties,” the RFC statement said.

Therefore, the RFC statement added, “we don’t look into the scripts. This doesn’t mean that we are shying away from our responsibi­lities but rather sticking to our tasks and duties. This doesn’t mean either that the RFC condones or approves or encourages the content of a film or a series”.

Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) also said it was following up on the latest developmen­ts regarding the series, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. “The production of such series is not within our jurisdicti­on and our role does not include monitoring the content and the script,” the JTB said, adding that “its role as stipulated in its regulation­s is to facilitate the missions for the companies and institutes that use the tourist sites in the Kingdom”.

Produced by Kabreet Production­s, the drama is directed and executive produced by Mir-Jean Bou-Chaaya and executive produced by Elan and Rajeev Dassani, with Elan Dassani serving as head writer. Amin Matalqa, director of the Sundance Awardwinni­ng Captain Abu Raed, will be directing the last episodes of the series.

 ??  ?? ‘Jinn’ was shot in Petra and Amman
‘Jinn’ was shot in Petra and Amman

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