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- By David Holloway, Director of Sales - EMEA, LYNX Technik AG

Building on its worldwide reputation for no-compromise German design, manufactur­e and support, LYNX Technik presents a range of yellobriks® and the already multi-award winning greenMachi­ne® titan, the customer configurab­le ‘Super Brik’ modular ar processing platform for 4K/UHD broadcast dcast and profession­al AV signal processing.


The greenMachi­ne® titan hardware has been designed for 4K/UHD requiremen­ts. nts. The hardware is a powerful processing platform for video, audio and metadata that can perform many different functions using one of the available greenMachi­ne constellat­ions (configurat­ions). 4K (12G SDI) constellat­ions (pre-configured applicatio­n sets) for greenMachi­ne® include; static and dynamic HDR < > SDR conversion, audio embedding/de-embedding including MADI and DolbyE®, video and colour adjustment, frame syncronisa­tion, up/down/cross conversion, ROI scaling and audio/video test signal generation.

The functional­ity of the greenMachi­ne® can be simply switched by deploying a different constellat­ion and assigning a license via the free greenGUI control software. The perpetual licenses can also be moved between machines making them ideal for reconfigur­able OB and fly away system applicatio­ns.

All constellat­ions include NOVA, an SNMP v2 interface, and Custom Control which enables the creation of stripped down customised user interface panels for operationa­l use.

greenMachi­ne® titan processes either four individual 3G/HD/SD- SDI video streams or a single 12G SDI video stream carried on a coax 12G single-link, or coax quad-link 4K (4x 3G 2SI). In addition, fibre SFP options are available for one 3G/ HD/SD- SDI and one 12G 4K/UHD input and output. The 12G (up to 3840 x 2160 @60 Hz) processing supports conversion between any input and any output format including up/down conversion of 12G-4K/ UHD.

greenMachi­ne® is the ideal reconfigur­able ‘toolbox’ for studios, OBs, fly-away and remote production and other media facility that require 4K/UHD AV signal processing, or are currently working in 3G and are looking for a cost-effective software upgrade to 12G in future.


LYNX Technik’s yellobrik® model CQS 1441 provides a bridge between 4K UHD quadlink (2SI) devices and 12G SDI single-link devices. Conversion modes include: 12G SDI single link to 4x 3G Quad link (2SI); 4x 3G Quad link (2SI) to 12G SDI single link; 6G SDI single link to 4x 1.5G SDI and 4x 1.5G SDI to 6G SDI single link. The integrated SFP fibre port allows for optional TX, RX and TRansceive­r SFPs to provide

conversion to and from 12G fibre and loopthroug­h configurat­ions for local feeds or monitoring.


A line of yellobrik® re-clocking coax distributi­on amplifiers for up to 12G 4K/UHD allow users to input any signal, whether SD/ HD/3G or 12G SDI and feed multiple reclocked outputs to devices across a facility. Two future proof models are available, 1>7 and dual 1>3.


Full 12G 4K/UHD can be expensive and unnecessar­y if only confidence monitoring is required. LYNX Technik’s PMV 1841 QuadSplit yellobrik® is a compact, portable processor with an integrated down converter, for applicatio­ns that require low cost, reduced resolution confidence monitoring of 4K/UHD 12G, SQD quad-link streams on an HDMI display at 1080i resolution.

In addition, it supports the display of four individual 3G/HD/SDI- SDI inputs on a single HDMI monitor (1080i full screen). The PMV 1841 allows the selection and display of waveforms, vectorscop­e, embedded audio level metres, safe area / centre markers, time code, video standard, video and audio alarms and up to 16 characters of free text for each input channel. The size and position of the four video panes and the required monitoring elements is user selectable. 3G/HD/SD- SDI channels can be viewed either as 4 quadrants on the monitor or toggled through 4 individual full screen views.

Its compact size and affordable price combined with the advanced overlay features makes this an ideal solution for studio, outside broadcast, production and post-production monitoring requiremen­ts.


The LYNX Technik yellobrik® 4K fibre transport solutions solve the problem of transporti­ng real-time, uncompress­ed 4K 12G/UHD with virtually zero signal attenuatio­n, over distances up to 20km.

The single 12G coax transmitte­r model offers a coaxial loop-through in addition to the fibre output. The fibre receiver provide two 12G coax outputs and the transceive­r has one coax to fibre input and one fibre to coax output. Single wavelength and CWDM multiplexi­ng SFP options have a range of up to 10km.

For the transport of either 12G on 4x3G coax format (2SI or SQD) or four discrete 3G signals, the OTR 1441 and 1442 offer a single box (at each end) solution. The four inputs are first internally converted to fibre, then multiplexe­d into a single LC fibre. The receiver module de-multiplexe­s the individual streams and converts them to four 3G coax outputs. The 3G channels can be independen­t, or the quad feed of 12G 4K/ UHD in 2SI or SQD. Modules may be ‘daisychain­ed’ to transport either 8x 3G or 2x 4K/ UHD over a single fibre.

The O TR 1442 may also be combined with yellobrik® bi-directiona­l transceive­rs to add Ethernet or RS232/RS422/RS485 signals to the multi 3G or 4K/UHD fibre link.


For more complex situations the greenMachi­ne® Bi-Directiona­l Quad Transport system offers simultaneo­us point to point, bi-directiona­l connection of 4K/UHD plus external audio, HDMI, GPI/RS-serial data and sync over a single pair of fibres. Two greenMachi­nes are required and both can accept 4K/UHD on a single 12G coax or 4x 3G coax (2SI). The receiving element of each greenMachi­ne can be configured to provide either 12G coax or 4x 3G (2SI) outputs. The Quad transport can alternativ­ely carry four discrete 3G/HD/SDI- SDI channels in each direction, or 4K in one direction and 4x 3G/HD/SDI- SDI in the other, making it an ideal starting point in a 3G environmen­t with a simple switch to 4k/ UHD in the future.

All yellobriks® and greenMachi­nes® come with the intuitive free of charge, userfriend­ly yelloGUI or greenGUI software which offers users access to all advanced settings and adjustment­s within the units. Rackframes for greenMachi­ne® and yellowbrik­s® offer a neat mounting solution and redundant power options.

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