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Using social media inputs from her fans, Makoul directed, shot and edited a 10-song acoustic album, which was accompanie­d by music videos, using only her phone.


In April 2020 during the initial days of the pandemic, Palestinia­n artist Lina Makoul came up with an extraordin­ary challenge on her Instagram page to engage with her fans. Makoul asked her followers and audience to write and express themselves, their thoughts and feelings. And she would turn those snippets into songs.

For the next 10 days, she carefully sifted through each lyric suggestion, edited them, composed and recorded the songs all in the matter of one day.

She also went on to shoot music videos for each song, and posted them on social media. The Instagram challenge turned out to be a huge success, which inspired Lina Makoul to take the idea even further. That grew into the #YOM Project, with ‘ Yom’ meaning ‘A Day’ in Arabic.

The end result is a 10- song acoustic album accompanie­d by 10 music videos directed, shot, and edited by Makoul only using her phone. Makoul expressed that the project is brimming with creativity, empowermen­t, feminism, talent, and strong messages. Eight out of the 10 writers were females aged between 15 to over 55. ‘A remarkable accomplish­ment’, Makoul says pointing out to the lack of Arab female songwriter­s.

This project also garnered attention and support of leading streaming platforms, including placements in key editorial playlists on Spotify, Anghami and Deezer and a feature on Anghami’s Arabic Indie playlist cover.

Makoul’s reinvented herself in 2020 as a new independen­t artist. She left her label and managers to pursue the independen­t route, ‘ taking back full creative freedom’ in the process.

 ??  ?? Lina Makoul has reinvented herself as an Arab indie music artist.
Lina Makoul has reinvented herself as an Arab indie music artist.

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