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Middle East’s home cooking show lands the award, in a hotly contested category

OSN claimed the Best Content Capture award for 2021, for its Yalla Netasha production (the Middle East’s version of the British reality show Come Dine With Me).

The reality TV show was filmed like a drama series, designed to give audiences a surprise. Combining elements of authentici­ty, witty humour and a diverse range of fascinatin­g guests from across the region, is what made the show one of the most relatable series on television.

Bringing all the emotions and drama of the show and filming it as a live production required a different set of skills and

equipment. OSN wanted to capture all the drama and stay authentic to the spirit of the show, which is to feature real people in their natural surroundin­gs, cooking in their own homes.

OSN decided to use a set of 3 Canon EOS 500 Mark 2s, which delivered cutting-edge features and incredible image quality. The series is displayed in cinematic film quality using incredible processors and full-frame resolution. OSN was able to capture live action without compromisi­ng picture quality.

For lighting OSN used sky panels which provided a warm natural luminance. For practicali­ty, self-powered Astera lights were leveraged throughout filming.

National Geographic Abu Dhabi received a Highly Commended award in this category, for Episode 2 of its Reach for the Stars production.

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