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7 Production­s won the accolade for its coverage of the King Abdul Aziz Camel Race

7 Production­s has proven itself capable of delivering leading technical support and crew expertise to film and broadcast some of the largest live events taking place across the world. The company remains the go-to “Technical Live Film & Broadcast Service Provider,” which is why government entities, event organisers and directors alike keep coming back to the company.

The “King Abdul Aziz Camel Race” has been an event that 7 Production­s has been supporting for many years. This year represente­d a significan­t logistical challenge and involved transporti­ng a whole crew and array of technical equipment to a remote desert location in Saudi Arabia.

“It’s an intense schedule since the track length is massive, which means the production requires us to move the OB Vans and all other equipment from one

track to another based on the schedule. We have around 10 staff at each location from cameras to operations teams and so on – a total of 80 people are involved across the entirety of the project,” Lara Ghanem, regional director, 7 Production told Digital Studio earlier this year.

The equipment used includes two Cineflex cameras installed on two 4x4 SUVs which followed the camels from start to finish, and sent live wireless signals to the OB vans.

Several other stationary and Cineflex cameras were used to produce various other parts of the race, including a super slow motion and hyper slow motion camera that’s used for replays.

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