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Thank you for browsing in the middle of your busy day and trusting us to deliver the best of everything in the world of tech right now. Clicking into a new journey – here at Digital Studio ME and having grown up in the region, I personally believe the UAE is going through one of its most exciting times yet. Digital transforma­tion is scaling new heights for the nation and from what I have noticed over the past couple of weeks, it is surely here to stay.

For many reasons, this issue is focussed on the hybrid wave. Settling into this challengin­g new role, I feel personally in tune with the multi- fold feeling of transition – the constant questionin­g, unexpected hurdles, followed by eventually embracing the new normal. Coincident­ally, this is also one of the first few trends I have come across, within this passionate space called the broadcast and production industry. Having attended my own commenceme­nt virtually, I cannot deny the fact that nothing compares to in- person events. However, hats off to top innovators for letting us keep it as real as possible. On the cover this quarter, we have Sujoy Cherian, Group CEO, Option 1 Event Services L. L. C talking all things hybrid. Flipping through the pages, you will find a series of intriguing conversati­ons, with some of the most diverse set of tech players in the industry. Another interestin­g feature this month is our chat with Karen Coetzee, Owner, Central Films who sheds light on Dubai as a preferred filming destinatio­n for internatio­nal shoots. Lastly, do check out the interview with trusted cinematogr­apher, Mark Hobson, who shares details on the real behind the reel.

Before I handover the following pages to you, here’s a big thank you to all those who have stuck by my side through this journey, and a huge welcome to all those I look forward to being associated with. Hop aboard!

Excited to see you more often on www. digitalstu­diome. com

Until the next quarter,

Yours digitally.

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