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et­ting your­self into tip top shape ahead of your wed­ding day can be a daunt­ing task but it needn’t add un­nec­es­sary stress to your al­ready busy life. We’ve en­listed the help of three of the re­gion’s top train­ers to share their ad­vice on get­ting aisleready.

When to start de­pends on your per­sonal fit­ness lev­els, time and de­sired re­sults. “Fre­quency is key for any­one and any pro­gramme,” says Devin­der Bains, the co-founder of Fit Squad DXB. “But it re­ally de­pends on whether you’re a be­gin­ner or have al­ready been train­ing prior to your wed­ding pro­gramme. As a rule of thumb, 12 weeks is a good amount of time to get plenty done with­out too much pres­sure.” Estie Brits, a trainer at F45 Train­ing Dubai Ma­rina, agrees, say­ing: “The more time you’ve got on your hands the less stress of mak­ing sure all is at­tained be­fore the wed­ding day.” As for the fre­quency? “If you have an ‘on/off’ train­ing rou­tine that never lasts very long, it would be best to start with twice a week and slowly build up to three days, and later four to five,” says Estie, adding that sus­tain­abil­ity is im­por­tant. “One thing you should keep in mind when you want to lose weight is start­ing early to avoid burnout. Don’t try to lose a lot all at once, rather make a plan and work grad­u­ally to­wards your aim.” If you’re read­ing this and are al­ready un­der the 12-week time­frame, fear not says Devin­der. “Goals can al­ways be hit quicker if needed with the right trainer and a great nutri­tion plan.”

The right pro­gramme will de­pend on your body type, so it’s im­por­tant to work out what you en­joy do­ing and what will yield the best re­sults. Ste­fani Ber­toncini, an in­struc­tor at De­fine Dubai and founder of Stef BFIT, sug­gests “stick­ing to low im­pact ex­er­cises like barre, Pi­lates, spin, func­tional weight train­ing and out­door car­dio ses­sions like run­ning or walk­ing.” No mat­ter what pro­gramme or ex­er­cise you choose, Estie stresses the im­por­tance of keep­ing a healthy ap­proach. “Many brides-to-be re­sort to ex­treme mea­sures and quick fixes to drop kilo­grams too quickly. It’s im­por­tant to en­joy the process and not take on too much too soon.” In the last weeks lead­ing up to the wed­ding, Devin­der ad­vises avoid­ing ex­er­cises like “skip­ping with a speed rope which can leave marks on the arms and legs, heavy bar work like chin-ups and pull-ups that can leave cal­luses on the hands and CrossFit-style burpees on a hard floor that may leave the knees bruised.”

Now, find your style and get to sweat­ing!

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