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01 “It’s im­per­a­tive for men to use a good pre-shav­ing oil be­fore they pick up a ra­zor. It soft­ens your beard so that the ra­zor cuts through the hairs with­out ir­ri­ta­tion to the skin. With the UAE heat, our face is al­ready dry and sen­si­tive, so this is an es­sen­tial prod­uct for men in their groom­ing rou­tine.”

02 “Made of pure or­ganic pro­tein, Top­pik com­prises of bres con­tain­ing ker­atin pro­teins, which are sim­i­lar to hu­man hair, so that the prod­uct in­stantly lls in bald­ing or thin­ning ar­eas. It’s a safe, nat­u­ral way to elim­i­nate the ap­pear­ance of hair loss. Sim­ply sprin­kle it over your head for max­i­mum cov­er­age and you get a healthy look­ing head of hair. You can use it ev­ery day, and Top­pik is un­de­tectable and re­sis­tant to wind, rain and per­spi­ra­tion. The bres will stay in place un­til you wash them out, so you don’t have to worry about them fall­ing out over your clothes and pil­low.” “I rst used a safety ra­zor out of pure in­ter­est, as I was in­trigued as to how close a shave you could get with a sin­gle blade. Once I tried it I was hooked. Now shav­ing is no longer a chore, it’s a rit­ual; my zen time each morn­ing. Make sure you have a bad­ger brush and a shave soap or cream.”

03 “The prod­uct I can’t live with­out would have to be the la­bel.m Wax Stick. It’s great for adding tex­ture and de ni­tion to my hair, but leaves a mod­ern matte nish, and it’s not sticky or dif cult to ap­ply. I just warm be­tween my nger­tips and work through.”

Art Of Shav­ing Pre-Shav­ing Oil






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