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Pre­heat the oven to 170°C. Finely slice the olives and us­ing the back of a knife, turn them into a purée. Place the an­chovy fil­lets on a chop­ping board and us­ing the side of a kitchen knife, push down on them with a lit­tle force to turn them into a purée. Mix this purée with the olive oil and the olive purée.

Place the cherry toma­toes into an oven­proof dish, splash with olive oil and pop them into the oven. As they cook you can cook the lamb chops.

Heat a sauté pan or large fry­ing pan and melt clar­i­fied but­ter (or you can use olive oil). Place the lamb chops into the hot, foam­ing but­ter and fry the chops for about three min­utes on each side, turn­ing once. While the chops cook, check to see how the toma­toes are do­ing.

Re­move the chops from the heat, but keep them in the pan and the meat juices. Spread the an­chovy-olive purée onto the top of each chop. The toma­toes should now be ready.

Place the toma­toes in the pan with the chops and serve.

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