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01. Pen­cilea­chotherin

There is some low-level ad­min­is­tra­tion re­quired to keep your friend­ships on top form – from both/every party. It doesn’t have to be a pre­scrip­tive, thrice weekly catch up but every other Satur­day af­ter­noon, a screen-to-screen can be rather life-giv­ing. You’ll find that you won’t hang up be­fore 2 h 36 m 55 s be­cause you’re analysing each other’s rogue chin hairs and the state of Ire­land’s 8th amend­mentout­come.

02. Makeim­promptu ges­tures

When you live apart and one of you (or both) is go­ing through a tough­time­ofit,youneed­tocheck in with each other – beyond your mu­tu­ally agreed sched­ule. If your bestie is start­ing a new job, get some­one to leave a note, send some flow­ers, make a video with peo­ple they may not even know but have the right level of clown about­them.It’stouch­ing.

03. Tagea­chother

Noth­ing speaks to your soul more than be­ing tagged in a meme of a sausage dog squished in a hot­dog bun by your bestie say­ing ‘this is us af­ter a Fri­day take away’. Tag your friends in ex­clam­a­tory posts over the sheer out­rage that the Flamingo emoji is yet to be on the emoti­con key­board. Sca­to­log­i­cal hu­moured posts are al­waysacrowd­pleaser­too.

04. Makethosemile­stone mo­ments

There are times when you need to do things IRL. Your con­stant What­sAp­p­di­a­logue­need­sto­come alive at sem­i­nal birthdays (happy 30th in Copen­hagen?) or sum­mer hol­i­daysinMykonos­ala Sis­ter­hood ofTheTrav­el­lingPants and the wed­dings.Allthewed­dings.

05. Man­agey­our ex­pec­ta­tions

This one can be a life sucker if you’re not both on the same page. Don’t tor­pedo on your bestie if she falls off the face of the earth be­cause she got mar­ried, had a child or changed jobs. It might seem weirdly ne­far­i­ous when one of you doesn’t seem as com­mit­ted but when cir­cum­stances change, let them re­cal­i­brate and fig­ure out wherethey’reat.

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