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If you’re afraid of be­ing iso­lated in a for­eign coun­try be­cause you don’t speak a lick of the lan­guage, SayHi is your ice­breaker with over 90 lan­guages (and di­alects!) at your dis­posal, you’ll be just as equipped to or­der a cof­fee in Es­to­nia as you will be com­mu­ni­cat­ing with a bus driver­inMon­go­lia.


This one’s for all the hotspot hunter-gath­er­ers. You’re not al­ways go­ing to be on the grid when you’re on the road but you can al­ways find a way to a place with Wi-Fi to get your What­sApp and Face­book up­dates. Down­load the data­base of Wi-Fi lo­ca­tions ahead­of­time­and­sleep­easy.


If like us you love to wear clothes that no one else has, Fash­to­ry­help­sy­oufind­unique bou­tiques and emerg­ing de­sign­er­son­theroad.With users in 21 coun­tries from the UAE to the US, you can di­rect-mes­sage the de­sign­ers and set up ap­point­ments in ad­vance. This is a good app forhid­de­nand­lo­cal­touch.


Trains, planes and de­lays. When travel plans go awry and you end up in a city you weren’t sup­posed to, One:Night will give you a bed for the evening. From 15:00 on­wards every day you have ac­cess to same-day book­ings giv­ing you a range of very slick ho­tels – none of this seedy mo­tel busi­ness. You also get re­mark­ably­lowratestoo.


This is the app of dreams for solo fe­male trav­ellers. Tourlina con­nects you with other womenon­thesolo­trail­n­earby or in your next des­ti­na­tion so you can have a like-minded com­pan­ion who can be your sound­ing board if you want somethor­oughchat.

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