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She's walked pretty much every show and shot al­most every cam­paign. Now Bella Ha­did's em­brac­ing a bold new look with Dior­show

Emirates Woman - - #beautynews - Bel­laHa­did is wear­ingDior­show prod­ucts

De­fine beauty in three words: Con­fi­dence, in­tel­li­gent, kind. How do you take care of your lips? I love a good lip scrub. I would usu­ally use the Lip Sugar scrub in the morn­ing and then a good mois­turiser. It’s re­ally im­por­tant to do a good scrub be­fore ap­ply­ing colour. What are the three must-have makeup prod­ucts in your bag? My Un­der­cover con­cealer, my Lip Max­imiser and my Dior Nude Air Lu­miniser. Name one woman who in­spires you: Mrs Michelle Obama. Doy­ouhaveanyspeci­ficbeau­ty­i­coniny­our­mind? Carla Bruni. Such an iconic beauty! Your first beauty me­mories: Prob­a­bly steal­ing my mother’s makeup without her even notic­ing it. Which makeup prod­ucts did you steal from your mum’s beauty case when you were a child? It started with face oils and skin prod­ucts re­ally and then I went straight for the black eye liner. Atwhat age­didy­ous­tart­touse­makeup? At 14 but was for sure way less knowl­edge­able about it than I am now. Didy­our­mum­le­ty­ougo­to­school­with­make­upon? My mum didn’t al­low me to wear makeup un­til I was 14. Hasy­our­mum­givenyou some beauty se­crets? She al­ways taught us to take care of her skin first and that less was more! Your beauty rou­tine now (morn­ing and night-time)? My rou­tine is pretty much the same. I wash my skin and ap­ply a good mois­turiser. Dur­ing the day, I usu­ally put a lit­tle con­cealer, high­lighter, do my brows with the Dior­show brow styler, add lit­tle bit of mas­cara, some lip max­imiser and I’m out! What are your ‘Holy Grail’ prod­ucts that you can­not live without? My lip max­imiser, Dior Nude Air Lu­minizer and Un­der­cover con­cealer. Do you like­to­ex­per­i­men­torarey­oumore­tra­di­tion­alinthe­choice­of­make­up­prod­ucts and your looks? I love to ex­per­i­ment and try new things but I al­ways end up go­ing back to my sig­na­ture makeup. What is the worst mis­take you can make when it comes to makeup? A bad eye­liner wing! What beauty ad­vice would you­give­toany­wom­an­whowantstolookherbest? It’s im­por­tant for me that women and es­pe­cially young women un­der­stand that your con­fi­dence ex­udes through you. I’ve also learned this year that your smile is your great­est makeup prod­uct. How­doe­sit­feel­tobe21?Hasy­ourviewof­beau­ty­changed?Any­thing changed? I feel pretty much the same to be hon­est! Still ex­per­i­ment­ing and en­joy­ing makeup but I gen­er­ally keep it sim­ple as much as I can. How has it been­work­ing­with­PeterPhilips?Peter is a LEG­END! We work ex­tremely well to­gether and I love his com­pany. And I can’t com­plain about the fact that he is one of the most in­cred­i­ble makeup artists in the world! Any­ma­jor­tipy­oulearnt from Peter Philips? Peter re­ally taught me the im­por­tance of build­ing your makeup and blend­ing. Blend ladies, BLEND! What are your top five favourite looks he has cre­ated for you? Might be my Dior­show liners look. They are all so in­cred­i­ble and spe­cial! They look like ac­tual piece of art!

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