The Black Pan­ther and Avengers: In­fin­ity War ac­tress is not in a po­si­tion to ‘Kar­dashi­anise’ her face any­time soon

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A ctress and play­wright Danai Gurira was born in Iowa, US but grew up Zimbabwe. That may be an ex­pla­na­tion for why, when it comes to beauty, Danai, who plays the kick-butt Gen­eral Okoye in Blank Pan­ther, finds fun in va­ri­ety.

Now liv­ing in New York, Los Angeles and At­lanta, Danai, 40, reprised Okoye for Avengers: In­fin­ity War, which came out in April of this year. Find out what beauty sta­ples she has been lean­ing into lately.


I re­ally feel like I’ve been on a con­stant jour­ney on how to en­joy beauty, and it’s about the things you pick up along the way. I started ex­per­i­ment­ing with makeup in my teens. Some­times I do a lit­tle less; some­times I do a lit­tle more. Of­ten I just use Cer­aVe. It’s a gen­tle cleanser and good for com­bi­na­tion skin. I also like hav­ing a hyaluronic acid com­po­nent in my rou­tine.

Then I use a lot of Sis­ley. My makeup artist in­tro­duced me to Sis­ley when I was bat­tling de­hy­dra­tion in the dead of win­ter in New York. She used the Black Rose Cream Mask on me, which is re­ally less of a mask and more of a cream. It was re­ally great for my skin, and now I al­ways have it for long flights. I also use the mat­ti­fy­ing mois­turiser, which is oil free. And I have their lip stuff. It’s just a lip balm, but it’s pretty fan­tas­tic.

I’ve been on set a lot lately, and that’s when I re­ally stick with what works for me. The worst thing would be to dis­rupt my skin care. If I’m go­ing to be in the sun, I might add the Sis­ley All Day All Year, which has sun pro­tec­tion. I’ll also use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm be­fore I put on makeup. It’s hy­drat­ing and glow-y. I use it re­li­giously.


I def­i­nitely take what I learn from the pros and ap­ply it to what I do at home. Lately I’ve re­ally grown to love a good lip. Some­times I’ll do some­thing sub­tle, and some­times I’ll go for it – it de­pends on what I’m wear­ing. My makeup artist ends up giv­ing me a lot of lip prod­ucts be­cause I’m a germa­phobe and don’t to want to share. I have a great col­lec­tion. I use a lot of Chanel lip­stick for the bold colours. They have a re­ally great va­ri­ety of reds that work on my skin tone. For my char­ac­ter on Black Pan­ther, I brought out my own Chanel lip­stick in Eti­enne, which is like a bur­gundy red. It worked so well, it be­came part of my char­ac­ter.

Oth­er­wise, I don’t wear a ton of makeup daily, but I do love to ex­plore. The older I get, the more con­fi­dent I am ex­plor­ing.

My key things are eye­liner, some shadow and a gloss. Some­times I put a base on over my Beauty Flash glow, but only if I need it. If I do, I use MAC Match­mas­ter in Nos. 9 and 10. Eye­liner, I would say I have some good ones from MAC. MAC also has some great eye shadow pal­ettes I lean into. I have mas­cara by L’Oréal. The one thing I don’t do is con­tour. I would never even at­tempt it. It’s partly be­cause I leave that kind of stuff to the pros, but even when I’m work­ing with makeup artists, I don’t like when they con­tour so much that I can’t see my face any­more. I want to see my face!


My hair is very short right now. I had a ‘fro un­til I started shoot­ing Black Pan­ther. For the movie, I went down to ba­si­cally bald. In some way it’s been bald ever since. I love short hair. I think it can be a bold look. I like the user­friend­li­ness of my hair now. There’s an ease to it. But I think long hair can look beau­ti­ful as well. There is no one way. The beauty is in the va­ri­ety. Ac­tu­ally, I’m try­ing to grow my hair out again, but then some­times I have to cut it for a reshoot, so I’m back where I started. I use a lot of Shea Mois­ture sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers. I have a va­ri­ety. I travel so much that I have them in all of my travel things. I don’t use a ton of hair prod­ucts, but if I do, I’m look­ing for some­thing hy­drat­ing. I like the Moroc­canoil sprays.


I don’t re­ally wear fra­grances. But some­times I’lluseonethat’saro­matic–Itend­not­towear flo­rals. I go for some­thing like Le Labo San­tal 33, which both men and women can use.


I go for deep tis­sue mas­sages. In LA, I go to the Bev­erly Wil­shire. They have fan­tas­tic ser­vices there, or some­times I go to this Thai mas­sage place in Echo Park.

Diet and fit­ness

I don’t re­ally think about it ex­cept that I try to eat as healthy as I can. I don’t do dairy, and I don’t do meat, but that’s about it. There’s a food de­liv­ery ser­vice I use when I’m on set. It’s called Brandi You’re a Fine Girl.

I work out reg­u­larly with a trainer – her name is AJ Fisher – and I love swim­ming. When I was in New York more, I would use the gym at NYU, which was my alma mater. That’s where I had a good swim rou­tine. I don’t find LA the eas­i­est place to swim. I’m still look­ing for a great place there.

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