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Still only 28, the wildly suc­cess­ful au­to­mo­tive en­tre­pre­neur is on course to re­tire by the time he turns thirty

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Re­tir­ing young: People have al­ways told me that I am young man with an old spirit. When I was 18, I told my­self that I would re­tire by the time I was 30. I’d say ‘you are go­ing to make all this money, have all this success and fill that de­sire you have, then af­ter­wards, go buy an is­land some­where.

I dropped out of high-school at 15 to work for my dad, and it taught me to have an in­ex­tin­guish­able work ethic—i hardly ever take a day off. A friend of mine said that I don’t need to re­tire at 30, I just need to take a va­ca­tion!

My gym tells my story: From a young age I was taught that be­ing phys­i­cally active was a key part of who you are. I can’t go 72 hours with­out work­ing out—it ac­tu­ally fills me with dread leav­ing it that long be­tween work­outs.

It’s not about the physical ap­pear­ance, it is about men­tally or­ga­niz­ing my life. My brothers and I own a pri­vate gym in Shar­jah.the walls are dec­o­rated with graffiti.tha art work tells our story of grow­ing up in the projects of Newyork.

The busi­ness of col­lect­ing:

I have an ex­ten­sive watch col­lec­tion, which has helped open doors for me in the busi­ness world. there are about 15 of us who are in­volved in that level of se­ri­ously ex­clu­sive watch col­lect­ing here in the Mid­dle East.we buy watches off each other, we bond over them and then we do busi­ness.

I col­lect Richard Mille watches, in fact, the Ja­maican sprinter yohan Blake and I be­came friends thanks to the first Richard Mille watch I bought be­ing the RM61, the one that he col­lab­o­rated on.

Watches are art: The first thing I put on in the morn­ing is a watch. I will still be in my PJS! If

I’m not wear­ing a watch it makes me feel in­com­plete, like I’ve lost my wal­let or phone or some­thing. I don’t be­lieve in buy­ing an exotic watch to tell the time. If you want to tell the time buy a G-shock or use your phone watches to me are pieces of art.

The shoe people come to my house: I have about 150 pairs of Louis vuit­ton shoes. LV is my shoe place, and, in fact, they know me glob­ally as ‘the shoe guy’ they will even come to my house with the lat­est, lim­ited col­lec­tions.

It’s handy, but also expensive!

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