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The quantum realm

Sony’s futuristic new telly boxes will have you questionin­g what’s real and what’s on TV

- By Thomas Shambler

Sony has entered the quantum age of television­s. It just released the world’s first QD-OLED Tv—which promises to be better, brighter, and more colour-responsive than any television in history. That’s down to clever new quantum dot technology, which through some form of televisual magic uses organic light-emitting diodes stacked on top of each other to produce perfect blacks and near infinite levels of contrast. Unlike the current TV tech du jour—micro Led—quantum television­s can maintain their performanc­e at peak brightness levels, which results incredibly vivid and real-to-life images. Sony also says that QD-OLED panels are more than 200 per cent more sustainabl­e than bog-standard TV tech—so they should last you a good long time (which is handy, as this cutting-edge tech doesn’t come cheap). Interestin­gly, the technology itself was produced by Samsung, meaning while Sony might have been the first to get the TV tech in stores, there’s bound to be a few more players in the quantum game very soon.

 ?? ?? Sony QD-OLED TV Bravia XR A95K
Sony QD-OLED TV Bravia XR A95K

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